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Bapco places great emphasis on operational excellence, which also includes reducing emissions – for example, sulfur dioxide emissions

Integrated Operation

Governance for excellence

Operational excellence can mean many different things to different companies. To the Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. (Bapco), it means improving the performance of refinery operations and then sustaining that performance for many years to come.

lps Bapco improve its efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline its operational governance. When it comes to operational excellence at Bapco, providing the highest possible level of safety across the company’s operations, with zero recordable incidents, is a top priority. A key aspect of that initiative is the involvement of the company’s leadership. Bapco leaders have always been committed to operational excellence; however, before the introduction of the XHQ Operations Intelligence software, tracking the fulfillment of that commitment was a major challenge, for a number of reasons. One of the biggest problems was the difficulty in locating operations data. In some instances, even after the data were found, multiple versions existed. As a result, significant time and resources were often required to put the data together in any meaningful way. This is precisely where operational governance can be most beneficial, and it’s where XHQ had the biggest impact at Bapco. “Governance is a powerful means of ensuring that people do what they say they will do. Governance need not be onerous, intrusive, or burdensome, but it does need intelligent design and facilitation,” says Nathan Wright, superintendent of the Bapco operational governance program.

Business and operational data platform

HQ Operations Intelligence is a platform for aggregating, relating, and presenting operational and business data in real time. One way in which XHQ helps support governance at Bapco is by providing an automated, online reporting system that requires “zero prep” from operations personnel. All the data that come into XHQ from various Bapco information systems are available through the governance reporting system. This centralization not only streamlines the governance process but also creates a high level of transparency in the business. At any given time, staff members can retrieve the current status of a section’s governance and view vital data in areas such as personal and process safety, leadership engagement, engineering projects, safety culture, reliability, critical maintenance, process upsets, environmental compliance, and others.

In addition to role-based and generalized views of mission-critical data, personalized employee information snapshots are available for activities from seven different data sources. Employees can log into the XHQ system to view a personalized screen with information such as open incidents that involve the employee; open actions, including overdue actions as well as those about to become overdue; and management-of-change orders (MOCs) that apply to the employee. The system allows decision-making  personnel to see detailed data regarding plant personnel without tedious and time-consuming preparation, making it crucial to governance in Bapco’s refinery operations.

XHQ supports users with explorer views to deliver insight into the status of actions.

Measurable benefits

XHQ Operations Intelligence has become a vital component in Bapco’s quest for operational excellence. “Using XHQ to support operational excellence at Bapco – specifically in the areas of governance and compliance – has delivered benefits that are measurable and continue to provide compounded dividends,” adds Wright. Enhanced governance has also produced significant gains in plant reliability, with XHQ being the primary driver of this success.

In the coming years, Bapco will look to extend the benefits it has seen with the utilization of XHQ Operations Intelligence. The company will continue to refine the automated reporting system – adding further value to strategic initiatives. In addition, because personalization is a proven way for employees to see the status of many different work processes, Bapco will aim to add greater personalization for XHQ users. The operational governance program at Bapco has yielded such positive results that the company has decided to use the model  in other (nonoperational) divisions of the organization.

Picture credits: Bahrain Petroleum Company B. S. C.