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Sustainable manufacturing
Toward individualized manufacturing

RMS architecture, digital twins of production systems, and AI software will change modern manufacturing.

Customized mass production
Batch size 1 production

How to ensure the profitable mass production of customized products?

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The turf whisperer

An app will make the Allianz Arena greenkeeper’s job easier

Convincing answers to win over the skeptics

Is my data secure in MindSphere? We talked to Ralf Michael Wagner, Chief Operating Officer of MindSphere.

Additive manufacturing/3D printing
The power of printing

Industrial 3D printing: faster, more efficient, and a gateway to new business models

Digital energy management
Saving with big data

How Gestamp Automoción S.L. used a cloud-based energy efficiency application to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent.

Unlock the potential
Energy efficiency: A starting point for a digital enterprise

A company’s first step toward a digital transformation can be something as simple as the desire to save energy.

Digitalization meets SMEs
A vision for success

Customers are becoming more demanding, pressure is increasing. How SMEs can meet the challenges of digitalization.

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Industrie 4.0
Chocolatey moments with Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0 satisfies your sweet tooth: A smart, flexible pick system delivers custom-made mini chocolate bars.

Digital twin
On real and digital twins

RadioBro Corporation’s aircraft electronics systems are born as digital twins. And the company's owners are twins themselves.

Fits like a glove

Digital production: Responding to individual consumer requirements faster and more flexibly – the SPEEDFACTORY from adidas makes it happen!

Convergent modeling
Taming the jungle – at high speed

The LEGO® model-builder Bright Bricks relies on convergent modelling to build an entire zoo in record time.

Electric aircraft is a real powerhouse

Minimal noise and lower lifecycle costs and CO2 emissions: a light electric motor makes this possible.

Digital panel building
The core of every plant

A digital workflow creates unimagined competitive advantages for control cabinet manufacturers.

AGCO builds anywhere

Global market leader AGCO Corporation develops farm machines and agricultural solutions – thanks to Siemens fully location-independent.

Energy-efficient motional sequences
Absolutely clean curves

An OEM enables the fully automated assembly of universal joints for the first time.

Automotive industry
Digitalization: Get into the fast lane

How automotive manufacturers and their suppliers get a grip on complexity.

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Machine building and process engineering
OEMs on their way to Industrie 4.0

How the digital transformation in machine building and process engineering succeeds

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Machine building and process engineering
One step closer to “Industrie 4.0“

How the digital transformation of 

machine building and plant engineering can be managed.

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Trends in CNC Automation
Showing technology competence

With hardware and software from Siemens

for the networked production you

can increase your productivity and efficiency

– and boost your market success.

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Digitalization in automotive industry
Future-oriented production at Audi

With integrated networking of its production units, Audi AG is taking steps to digitalization at its production plant in Neckarsulm, Germany.