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CAD empowers electric car
Boom! This car’s ready to go!

New electric car developed in two years – by a lean team of young engineers using PLM software.

Customized mass production
Batch size 1 production

How to ensure the profitable mass production of customized products?

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Process industry 4.0
Flexible production

How digitalization and modular automation meet individual customer requirements even better and faster

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Unlock the potential
Energy efficiency: A starting point for a digital enterprise

A company’s first step toward a digital transformation can be something as simple as the desire to save energy.

The turf whisperer

A good soccer match is impossible without well-tended turf. An app will make the Allianz Arena greenkeeper’s job easier

Digital energy management
Saving with big data

How Gestamp Automoción S.L. used a cloud-based energy efficiency application to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent.

Digitalization meets SMEs
A vision for success

Customers are becoming more demanding, pressure is increasing. How SMEs can meet the challenges of digitalization.

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Digital twin
On real and digital twins

RadioBro Corporation’s aircraft electronics systems are born as digital twins. And the company's owners are twins themselves.

Fits like a glove

Digital production: Responding to individual consumer requirements faster and more flexibly – the SPEEDFACTORY from adidas makes it happen!

Digital Manufacturing
Is it worth it?

An investment must pay off – this also applies to digital change. How enterpre- neurs calculate...

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Product development
Edging ahead of the pack

South African bike manufacturer Pyga harnesses advanced CAD to roll out better bikes faster and enhance its competitive edge.

Electric aircraft is a real powerhouse

Minimal noise and lower lifecycle costs and CO2 emissions: a light electric motor makes this possible.

Education in math and science
Wanted: skilled workers

People with STEM expertise are in high demand to support digitalization at all levels.

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Mining & Cement
The future is autonomous and digitalized

Digital solutions help the mining and cement industry to save money, drive performance and make operations safer.

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The fiber industry is changing
More than just paper

The fiber industry’s demands on packaging and tissue paper are growing. Digitalization helps companies respond to these changes.

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Digital transformation
China‘s path to Manufacturing 2025

Siemens supports the Chinese industries with their digital transformation.

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Food and beverage industry
Recipe for the digitalization

Taste and quality, productivity and energy efficiency – this is how producers of food and beverages benefit from digitalization.

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Automotive industry
Digitalization: Get into the fast lane

How automotive manufacturers and their suppliers get a grip on complexity.

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Machine building and process engineering
OEMs on their way to Industrie 4.0

How the digital transformation in machine building and process engineering succeeds

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Additive Manufacturing
Printed revolution

Once dreams of the future, now groundbreaking technology: With 3D print unique work pieces are already manufactured in industrial mass production.

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Energy for Industry
Start your diet today!

Energy management can satisfy the industry's hunger for energy.

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Chemical industry
Big Data – Opportunities for the chemical industry

In a digitalized world, the close cooperation with customers is the key to success.

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