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Virtual reality
How a turbine gets into the office

Applied virtual reality makes extremely heavy machine parts light as a feather.

Industrial power stations
Digital industrial turbine maintenance

Longer maintenance intervals, reduced downtime: Fertilizer manufacturer opts for smart maintenance.

Gas turbine upgrade
Supplying Nigeria’s national grid

21MW more power, over 50 percent more profits: Forte Oil’s CEO Akin Akinfemiwa on modernizing Geregu I power plant.

Combined heat and power
Industrial power generation success

Mexican textile firm Kaltex reduces energy costs by 30 percent by choosing SGT-750 cogeneration plant.

3D printing
Additive manufacturing for gas turbines

How a team of Siemens innovators unleashed unimagined design possibilities and improved manufacturing and repair.

Prefabrication for CCPPs
Power’s easy pieces

Introducing a new method of modern power plant construction that accelerates building schedules by thousands of hours.

Oil and Gas
Innovation in natural gas liquefaction

New distributed, small-scale solution reduces costly long-distance trucking of LNG.

Combined heat and power
“We have a product-led strategy”

Chairman of German utility SWD, Udo Brockmeier, explains why the future of gas-fired power plants lies in heat.