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Heat, power, and many more benefits
Energy at the center of municipal life

Is it a utility or a park? Holland Energy Park provides electricity, scenic trails, and an educational center to local residents.

Combined heat and power
Industrial power generation success

Mexican textile firm Kaltex reduces energy costs by 30 percent by choosing SGT-750 cogeneration plant.

3D printing
Additive manufacturing for gas turbines

How a team of Siemens innovators unleashed unimagined design possibilities and improved manufacturing and repair.

Prefabrication for CCPPs
Power’s easy pieces

Introducing a new method of modern power plant construction that accelerates building schedules by thousands of hours.

Oil and Gas
Innovation in natural gas liquefaction

New distributed, small-scale solution reduces costly long-distance trucking of LNG.

Combined heat and power
“We have a product-led strategy”

Chairman of German utility SWD, Udo Brockmeier, explains why the future of gas-fired power plants lies in heat.