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Artificial intelligence in industry
The brain of the factory

How will artificial intelligence impact the factory of the future - and which benefits can you already expect today?

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Digitalization in industry
Twins with potential

With the digital twin it is possible to fully exploit the potential of digitalization to increase quality and efficiency.

Customized mass production
Batch size 1 production

How to ensure the profitable mass production of customized products?

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Digital power grid
Wunsiedel: Revolution in distribution

Sector coupling and digital energy management set German town on track for 100% renewable energy future.

Artificial intelligence
“Our computers were appallingly stupid”

Interview with Mario Sela, mobility expert at Bitkom, Germany's digital association, on smart machines in transport.

Energy and building management
What digital buildings provide

Comfortable, energy efficient, intelligent, and networked: Can digital buildings meet the high expectations?

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Heat, power, and many more benefits
Energy at the center of municipal life

A combined heat and power plant allows the City of Holland all-season access.

Digitalization meets SMEs
A vision for success

Customers are becoming more demanding, pressure is increasing. How SMEs can meet the challenges of digitalization.

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Energy efficiency
An intelligent drive

Integrated drive system cuts energy costs for air compressors by as much as ten percent and supplies valuable data for digital production.

Analyzing made easy
Measuring tomorrow’s air quality

Nuremberg is the first city to use the Siemens air quality tool to reduce noxious emissions.

Digital Manufacturing
Is it worth it?

An investment must pay off – this also applies to digital change. How enterpre- neurs calculate...

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Siemens Finance Week
It's the combination that counts

Discover how embedded financing makes new business models real.

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Energy for Industry
Start your diet today!

Energy management can satisfy the industry's hunger for energy.

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Intelligent Traffic Systems
Smart systems. Smart traffic.

Communities need to use and optimize the capacities of their entire traffic infrastructure. Discover how adaptable solutions ensure smooth, sustainable urban mobility.

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"A very pragmatic generation"

Interview with trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky.