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Digitalization meets SMEs
A vision for success

Customers are becoming more demanding, pressure is increasing. How SMEs can meet the challenges of digitalization.

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Predictive maintenance
Appsolute efficiency

A new MindApp from Heller and Siemens minimizes unplanned downtime for machine tools.

The Internet of Things
Are you listening to your grid?

When grids talk, utilities should listen: A new cloud-based OS for the IoT lets utilities take advantage of digitalization. 

Digital Manufacturing
Is it worth it?

An investment must pay off – this also applies to digital change. How enterpre- neurs calculate...

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The fiber industry is changing
More than just paper

The fiber industry’s demands on packaging and tissue paper are growing. Digitalization helps companies respond to these changes.

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Heat, power, and many more benefits
Energy at the center of municipal life

Is it a utility or a park? Holland Energy Park provides electricity, scenic trails, and an educational center to local residents.

Urban mobility solutions
Meeting the need for smart mobility solutions

Urbanization continues at an unprecedented speed. Efficient mobility solutions help meet people’s expectations of quality of life in cities and beyond.

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Siemens Finance Week
It's the combination that counts

Discover how embedded financing makes new business models real.

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Energy for Industry
Start your diet today!

Energy management can satisfy the industry's hunger for energy.

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"A very pragmatic generation"

Interview with trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky.

Intelligent Traffic Systems
Smart systems. Smart traffic.

Communities need to use and optimize the capacities of their entire traffic infrastructure. Discover how adaptable solutions ensure smooth, sustainable urban mobility.

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Machine building and process engineering
One step closer to “Industrie 4.0“

How the digital transformation of 

machine building and plant engineering can be managed.

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Digital transformation
China‘s path to Manufacturing 2025

Siemens supports the Chinese industries with their digital transformation.

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Chemical industry
Big Data – Opportunities for the chemical industry

In a digitalized world, the close cooperation with customers is the key to success.

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Digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry
The art of the possible

Next to its main campus in Stevenage, England, GSK has set the course for the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing: the IIM Digitisation Lab.

Brewing industry
A digital brewmaster

How the intelligent linking of automation and digitalization is changing the beverage industry.

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Smart buildings
Real estate’s digital head-start

Discover digital solutions that secure a competitive edge, merging the virtual and the real to support sustainability and value creation in the real estate industry.

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Taking the measure of the city

Modern urban planning requires numbers and data as a basis for development.

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