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Record-Breaking Power Plant

Three Records, Two Partners, One Power Plant

Siemens has built the world's most efficient power plant in Düsseldorf, Germany. It holds three world records, is considered an industry benchmark, and has been officially connected to the grid since January 2016. [2:39]


An Ambitious Request

In 2012, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG ordered the turnkey construction of the Lausward unit “Fortuna” combined cycle power plant (CCPP) with district heat extraction. Read our interview with Chairman Dr. Udo Brockmeier.

Dr. Udo Brockmeier talks about the project.
And it reaches full output in less than 25 minutes after powering on.

Mister Brockmeier, what challenge did you face when first looking for a solution?

We wanted to modernize our Lausward power plant and considered different models. We needed to find an efficient turbine solution that was also highly flexible and could be started up and shut down rapidly, based on the current power needs in the grid. The integrated energy concept for Düsseldorf needed to cover climate protection, reliable supply and location security. Our plant supplies local energy for a major city. In this case, decentralized does not mean “small scale,” but rather “embedded in the demand structure.”

Why did you decide to work with Siemens to achieve these goals?

In the end, the decision was easy: The electrical and fuel utilization efficiency of this power plant is exceptional – and it reaches full output in less than 25 minutes after powering on. Today, you can hardly imagine a more effective power plant to cover the needs and demands of our city. We are able to generate and provide a sustainable energy supply and district heating for Düsseldorf. We decided to cooperate with Siemens because they cover the essential job profile for this project.

Did you face any unanticipated occurrences and what are your plans for the future?

No, we kept to the time schedule and could meet the financial guidelines. There have been no accidents, and we currently hold three world records: Electrical output is over 600 megawatts, we deliver 300 megawatts of district heating with one plant, electrical efficiency is about 61.5 percent, and the overall fuel efficiency is 85 percent. We really can be proud of all of this. A large hot-water district heat accumulator system will start operation at Lausward Power Station in January 2017. This will help us operate a climate-friendly plant while meeting the given market demand in targeted fashion. In this way, we want to increase sales of district heat by 15 megawatts per year.

Udo Brockmaier walks through the power plant.

The world’s most efficient power plant also provides great advantages for the region. Thanks to enormous CO2 emission reductions and renewable energy production sites, the “Fortuna” unit is helping Düsseldorf reach its self-defined goal to become climate-neutral by 2050. When compared to the average emissions of coal-fired power plants in the EU, the plant saves approximately 2.5 million tons of CO2 each year – equivalent to the amount emitted by 1.25 million passenger cars, each driving 15,000 kilometers. The facility also minimizes noise exposure: People living on either side of the Rhine cannot hear the power plant. As such, “Fortuna” brings multiple advantages for both Düsseldorf and the region.

Reduction of

2.5 million t

CO2 emissions per year

Energy supply for

> 600,000


Noise exposure

< 25 dB

in the urban area


From Assembly to Implementation

Over 750 workers helped to develop the record-breaking gas turbine SGT5-8000H, the basis of the “Fortuna” power plant. Transporting it from Berlin to Düsseldorf and getting it ready for operation was nearly as challenging. Get to know a few of the people who made it possible.


A Complex and Powerful System

The “Fortuna” power plant is designed using highly advanced components by Siemens. Outfitted with a gas turbine, steam turbine, and additional waste heat recovery, it currently holds three world records.


Maximum Flexibility with Pioneering Technology

“Fortuna” combines a number of features: It is highly efficient, flexible, sustainable and cost-effective. Find out more about its key features.

Explore the three records
>600MWel electrical output
300MWth maximum district
heating capacity
61.5% net efficiency

At Maximum Power in < 25 Minutes

The SGT5-8000H gas turbine is designed to generate up to a record > 600 MW when operating in combined cycle mode with the SST5-5000 steam turbine. The plant can run up to 100% capacity in less than 25 minutes.

Next record: district heating
>600MWel electrical output

Full Potential Thanks to Waste Heat Recovery

The 300 MW of thermal energy that will be extracted to supply Düsseldorf’s district heating will set a world record for the amount of power harvested by a combined cycle generating unit. This increases the overall efficiency of natural gas as a fuel to 85%.

Next record: efficiency
300MWth maximum district
heating capacity

Highest Efficiency Level Worldwide

The electrical efficiency of about 61.5% exceeds the previous world record, set by the Ulrich Hartmann combined cycle plant in Irsching in Germany, which recorded a figure of 60.75%. The high efficiency level makes the power plant especially environmentally friendly.

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61.5% net efficiency

Siemens control technology ensures that the “Fortuna” unit utilizes resources efficiently. Quick co-starts significantly reduce startup times for the gas and steam turbines. Flex-ramp technology provides the plant with increased load change gradients, which quickly increase or lower capacity as needed. The improved instrumentation and control logic considerably shortens the unit shutdown sequence using so called quick-stops. Thanks to all of these processes, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf benefits from significant fuel savings, lower material loads, reduced CO2 emissions and improved unit cost-effectiveness. The SPPA-T3000 Control System guarantees simple, reliable day-to-day operation, the system’s high reliability and improved performance.

Portfolio Overview

The Products that Light up Düsseldorf

The “Fortuna” plant has been tailored to meet Düsseldorf’s ever-growing energy demands. Learn more about the range of products used here – and find out what we can do for you.

Record-Breaking Power Plant

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