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Power generation
Bringing power to the people

The global population needs more, affordable and clean energy. How to solve this challenge? With flexible energy architecture, fast power packages, and digitalization.

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Offshore Wind power
Transforming wind into an asset for generations to come

Wind energy is swiftly moving forward to claim a key role in the energy system of the future – with more cost-efficient technology, as well as innovate solutions for service, grid access and financing.

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Intelligent power grids
Agility in energy

Digital technologies, automated processes and new business models lend utilities a competitive edge to solve issues such as cybersecurity, non-technical losses, and grid stability.

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Connecting grids
Shaping the backbone of future energy systems

Read here about ingenious solutions
that create efficient long-distance transmission, reliable grid access and
higher grid stability.

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Intelligent distribution automation
Preventing outages: Stability as competitive advantage

With distribution automation, Mexico's CFE offers reliable power supply for three million customers.

Energy management
A strategy beyond replacement

Siemens has developed transformers, so called mobile resilience units, that can be transported and installed in a very short timeframe.

Clean Energy UAE
Dubai: energy in the desert

DEWA's MD and CEO Al Tayer writes about diversifying Dubai's energy mix and the Emirate's strategy for 2050.

Grid control
Managing the energy transition

PJM Interconnection’s Terry Boston about the challenge in the U.S.   

Energy transition
Hot stones store renewable energy

Innovative energy storage system based on simple principles holds the key to making renewables reliable.

Sustainable energy
Shaping tomorrow’s energy systems today

Discover how ingenious technologies merge with excellent know-how to create sustainable energy solutions.

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Offshore wind
The true cost

What is the real price of electricity for society? An SCoE approach reveals surprising facts.

The power of prediction

Michael Weinhold, CTO of Siemens Energy Management, highlights the role data analytics play in our increasingly complex energy system.