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The grid edge gains
Who wants to be a trillionaire?

The World Economic Forum sees a US$ 2.4 trillion value in grid edge technology, if everyone is prepared for the impending takeoff.

UN energy challenge
Serving 3 billion more people

Lisa Davis on how producers and governments can meet UN goal of universal access to sustainable energy by 2030.

Energy Essay
A new revolution in electricity

The General Manager of Bolivia’s power utility ENDE Andina on the country’s future as a power supplier.

3D printing
Additive manufacturing for gas turbines

How a team of Siemens innovators unleashed unimagined design possibilities and improved manufacturing and repair.

Fraunhofer Institute
Multimodal energy systems on the rise

Fraunhofer’s Clemens Hoffmann on sector coupling and why investing in the energy transition is an attractive investment.

Combined heat and power
Industrial power generation success

Mexican textile firm Kaltex reduces energy costs by 30 percent by choosing SGT-750 cogeneration plant.