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Ambassadors of a promise
Overcoming the past – Iraq’s way towards a bright future

The story of three Siemens employees working in Iraq to provide electricity to the whole nation.

Digital innovation
Smart grids create new business models

Smart technology in New Brunswick is changing NB Power’s relationship with its customers.

Energy trend
Every bit counts

Since the 2015 G7 summit, the world has focused on a common goal: complete decarbonization by 2100. Toward an electrified planet.

Analyzing big data
Digital secrets from the grid

225,000 smart meters, 1.3 billion data sets and 1 MDM system: How a Danish utility provider can predict the future of its grid.

Energy Essay
A new revolution in electricity

The General Manager of Bolivia’s power utility ENDE Andina on the country’s future as a power supplier.

3D printing
Additive manufacturing for gas turbines

How a team of Siemens innovators unleashed unimagined design possibilities and improved manufacturing and repair.

Fraunhofer Institute
Multimodal energy systems on the rise

Fraunhofer’s Clemens Hoffmann on sector coupling and why investing in the energy transition is an attractive investment.

Combined heat and power
Industrial power generation success

Mexican textile firm Kaltex reduces energy costs by 30 percent by choosing SGT-750 cogeneration plant.

Foresight in grid planning is crucial
Energy Management CTO Michael Weinhold on the strategic importance of grid design.
Energy management
A strategy beyond replacement

Siemens has developed transformers, so called mobile resilience units, that can be transported and installed in a very short timeframe.

Combined cycle technology
New efficiency world records

Peak performance of Lausward power plant in Düsseldorf boosts profitability and improves carbon footprint.