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Siemens Finance Week 2018

Join us in February

Rapid digitalization and the push for sustainability is transforming business and society. There are new opportunities, new social impacts and, perhaps most importantly, new ways to plan for the future.


The interlinked challenges of digitization, urbanization and climate change will have profound, long-term effects on all of us. Infrastructure, machinery and energy-generation solutions have to keep pace. This requires significant investments today. And these investments, in turn, need innovative financing solutions. 


Siemens Finance Week 2018 will demonstrate what such innovative financing solutions can look like and how to meet the challenges of tomorrow, today. 

From February 5 to February 9, we'll focus on one key topic per day starting with financing the future of manufacturing on Monday, February 5, followed by discussions on the challenges of the digital transformation and the role of financing on Tuesday, February 6. On Wednesday, February 7, Siemens Finance Week will stop in Dubai to demonstrate how to bring liquefied natural gas projects to life before moving on with discussions on how to guide our cities toward sustainable growth on Thursday, February 8, and closing out the week by showing how financing expertise can support the realization of complex and dynamic projects worldwide.


Be part of this inspiring five-day journey and join us for Siemens Finance Week 2018.

Siemens Finance Week 2018 insights

Smart finance – sustainable future

The momentum for transformation

Siemens Finance Week: Focus topics


Feb 5 | Financing the future of manufacturing

Enormous gains in productivity have been made possible by digitalization. But manufacturing companies around the world are facing the challenge of financing their digital transformation. Your organization needs to know how to use new financing models to get the most out of Industrie 4.0.

During our event in Erlangen, Germany, we will present examples of how digital applications and processes can be comprehensively optimized throughout the life cycles of products and plants  as well as how new and innovative financing models can support this path to a sustainable transition to the new generation of digital technologies. 


Stay up to date with:

  • New developments in the changing business models for the machine tool and manufacturing industries.
  • How to achieve next-level productivity with digitalization.
  • Best practices shared by industry leaders.



Feb 6 | Challenges of the digital transformation and the role of financing

Most companies are aware of the urgent need to digitalize and automate. But most of them are facing a lot of different challenges and there are only a few of them that have a clear, multiphase strategic plan. On February 6, Siemens Financial Services will launch a new white paper covering the top challenges of digital transformation and the role financing could play in solving them. Over the course of the day, we will get to the heart of planning and financing sustainable digitalization solutions — solutions that combine technology, business expertise and the right people.


You’ll discover the latest developments in this complex field:

  • The top challenges facing organizations as they try to digitally transform.
  • Best practices on digital transformation processes.
  • How technology integrated with innovative financing solutions can enable digitalization.

Feb 7 | LNG to power – Financing the fuel of the future

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects are set to become a top contributor to tomorrow’s energy mix.

To bring LNG projects to life, intensive capital investment is needed – particularly in the Middle East where LNG imports have grown by more than 380%. Do you know what it takes to bring these projects to life? How will these projects be structured and financed and what are the primary risks? In Dubai, an expert community and leaders will discuss the development, technological and financial needs of LNG to power projects.


Our experts will share:

  • How new projects will be structured and funded.
  • The potential of co-development and co-financing for LNG to power projects.
  • Specific case studies and successes in this sector, and what they mean for you.



Feb 8 | Investing in tomorrow: digitalizing cities

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities that will be “smart” – shaped by the Internet of Things as a networking technology and by usable data as a forecasting technology. On February 8, industry leaders from around the world will assemble in New York to discuss the expertise, technology and financing solutions needed for complex digitalization projects that can modernize aging infrastructure in today’s cities. You too can discover how private financing is uniquely positioned to take a leading role in this modernization.


See what the future of digitalizing cities holds:

  • The role of private financing in the public sector.
  • The market conditions and many unique factors that affect the types of financing needed for infrastructure development.
  • The best path for financing highly technical projects.

Feb 9 | Smart financing for sustainable development

As it is in so many fields, digital technology is transforming the possibilities for major infrastructure. With everything from gas turbines to manufacturing facilities being hooked up to online networks, reams of data are allowing for vast new efficiencies and energy savings. Financing expertise and technology know-how are therefore crucial for large, long-term projects where the operating environment could change rapidly. As we try to move toward a more sustainable future, how will your organization master these complex topics? We will share the insights, experience and expertise needed for sustainable development projects. 


Join the conversation on:

  • Why smart financing and insurance is important to enabling a sustainable future.
  • How to understand and quantify exposure to risk.
  • The advantages that smart financing holds for your company.


Stay tuned around Siemens Finance Week 2018 – sign up now.

Siemens Finance Week 2017

Financing solutions to make real what matters

In February, 2017, Siemens Finance Week illustrated how innovative financing solutions pave the way for new business models. At five events in Singapore, Leipzig (Germany), Boston (USA), London (UK) and Mumbai (India), the company showed how the combination of technology and financing creates added value for various regions and industries – from infrastructure to energy production and all the way to automation and digitalization.


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Siemens Finance Week 2017