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Indoor climate
Why do we catch more colds during winter?

Once snowflakes start falling, the incidence of colds and flu peaks. What to do about it?

Cloud-based maintenance
Remote servicing keeps ships at sea

The MS Oslofjord has become the first vessel to be online 24/7, connected to a cloud-based HVAC solution

Zero-energy hotel
5 stars for sustainability

The world’s first city hotel with a zero energy balance opened almost ten years ago.

Energy and building management
What digital buildings provide

Comfortable, energy efficient, intelligent, and networked: Can digital buildings meet the high expectations?

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Bürgenstock Resort
Lake water for luxury hotel

The new Bürgenstock Resort on top of Mount Bürgenstock in Switzerland is heated and cooled with energy from Lake Lucerne.

Fit for big data
Can you teach old buildings new tricks?

Combining already existing infrastructure with the Internet of Things helps cities like Brussels reduce their carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
A smart oasis in the center of Barcelona



2 towers, 357 rooms, 300 palms and 1 building management system: building automation par excellence at the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel.

Data Center Efficiency Evaluation
New service identifies efficiency gains

Looking to save up to 20 percent on your data center’s electricity bills and improve IT performance? Here’s how.

Smart buildings
Real estate’s digital head-start

Discover solutions that merge the virtual and the real to support sustainability and value creation in the real estate industry.

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Constructive collaboration

Munich’s urban development chief Elisabeth Merk on the new Siemens HQ.

Smart buildings
Partners for intelligent energy networks

Equipped with automated technology, buildings can play an active role in stabilizing smart grids.

Data Centers

Flexible, secure and reliable – solutions for increasing demands.

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Smart buildings and efficient power distribution

How digitalization merges building management and energy supply.