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Keeping the world moving forward

We create technologies that take society further. How? Through electrification, digitalization and automation. We’re changing the cities you live in, the places you work, the energy that powers your home, and the way the products you love are manufactured.

We’re making a difference to the world we live in every day. We’ve reduced congestion in cities by 20% by using intelligent real-time traffic data; we’ve built offices using nothing but a 3D printer; we’ve created software that communicates with turbines in the middle of the ocean; and we helped NASA develop the Curiosity rover and land it safely on Mars.


By working with like-minded companies around the globe, we can create innovations that contribute to society’s success. It’s what inspires 372,000 people at Siemens to come and work together each day. 

For me, ‘Ingenuity for life’ stands for ingenious people who relentlessly strive for engineering innovation that benefits society.

Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer

Become part of our vision for the future

Whether developing brand new tech or engineering ways to safeguard our innovations – our team is made up of some of the world’s brightest minds. Do you have what it takes to keep up?

Do you want to disrupt digitalization and help companies develop new applications, services and business models? Introducing MindSphere, our open OS for the Internet of Things.

Do you want to disrupt digitalization and help companies develop new applications, services and business models? Introducing MindSphere, our open OS for the Internet of Things.


We’re creating groundbreaking technologies every day at Siemens, so it’s vital we have the right security solutions in place to protect what we do. We’re looking for pioneers to help us transform the IT security landscape. Join us and help keep our work safe.

Our stories

Innovations that set standards for the future

With smart thinking and creativity, we’re making a real difference to the world. Hear from the people helping to shape tomorrow.


The people behind the ideas

We’re home to 372,000 of the smartest minds. Hear from the people around the world who are bringing our innovations to life. 

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Ore Oluwatudimu

Product Engineer, UK

“The best thing about being an engineer is the scope of things you get to be involved with. When people look at the little bits of kit that they play with, they don’t realise just how complicated that little item is and how much work and effort has gone into it. I think it’s very cool having that level of understanding of how it works and the work that’s involved creating it.”


Sarah Feinberg

Marketing Specialist, USA

“The work that I do will change the future by creating longevity in the existing gas power plants. The solutions that I sell ensure that gas plants are available, efficient and clean, and therefore able to support the growing energy mix of renewables. It's exciting to support the expansion of renewable energy by strengthening the backbone that makes it possible.”


Fields of work

What part will you play?

We’re creating groundbreaking technologies from smart factories and smart grid concepts to flexible manufacturing systems that use lightweight robots and 3D printers. Find out how you can be a part of what’s to come.


Change more than just your career

Looking for a new challenge in a field that matters? There are so many opportunities available – from making sustainable energy more economical to building intelligent infrastructure that change the cities we live in. The opportunities are endless – the choice is yours.

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Student & School leaver