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The right Siemens wind power solution for all conditions

More than 30 years experience in the onshore wind power business and more than 25 years in offshore: by choosing proven solutions, you choose reliability and sustainability. Whichever wind turbine or service you need – we have what you need to maximize your return on investment while leading the industry in delivering a lower cost of energy for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding our wind turbines or services, please contact our support team.
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Wind turbine with open nacelle, Sweden
Onshore Geared turbines

Proven technology, reliable performance

  • Nominal power: 2.3 to 2.625 MW
  • Made for: wind classes IEC IIA, IIB and IEC IIS
  • Main quality: the proven workhorses for capacity limited sites
Close up of wind turbine with others in distance
Onshore Direct Drive turbines

Your solution for every situation

  • Nominal power: 3.2 to 4.3 MW
  • Made for: wind classes IEC I to IIIA, S, T
  • Main quality: optimized performance in every environment
Wind farm in stormy weather at sea, Butendiek
Offshore Geared turbines

Evolved innovations, rock-solid performance

  • Nominal power: 4.0 MW
  • Made for: wind classes IEC IA and IEC IB
  • Main quality: more power without any compromise to investment robustness
A direct drive wind power plant at sea
Offshore Direct Drive turbines

Simple construction, lower cost offshore

  • Nominal power: 6.0 to 8.0 MW
  • Made for: wind classes IEC IA and IEC IB
  • Main quality: designed with the best engineering practices using lean technology for increased profitability and low risk offshore
Service solutions

Connected thinking, comprehensive care

-      Over 50 service products for maintenance and optimization

-      Customizable, modularized service portfolio

-      Intelligent solutions help maximize your ROI

Former portfolio
Former portfolio

Former portfolio

  • Nominal power: 2.3 to 3.6 MW
  • Made for: wind classes IEC IA and IEC IB
  • Main quality: paving the way for today’s highly efficient wind power plants

Hamburg & Zamudio, April 03, 2017

United, by nature: Siemens Gamesa

To the Siemens Gamesa wind turbines
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Product Portfolio

Always the right turbine and services for your requirements

Every site faces particular challenges, which call for the right choice. Our staff and engineers have unparalleled expertise in performing the precise calculations necessary to ensure we can help you to select the right wind turbine and configuration for your project. In addition, every site’s unique challenges create a need for flexible service solution packages. By utilizing our comprehensive care and maintenance offerings, you enable lifetime availability and maximized ROI.

Digital overlay on onshore wind turbines on a mountain range with city below

Versatile solutions for onshore and offshore

To meet various needs, we offer two different main technologies. Geared turbines take the classical approach to wind power. The proven combination of gearbox and generator is an evolutionary design for high-energy yield at both full and partial loads. The gearless direct drive turbines boast simplicity. Replacing the gearbox, the coupling, and the high-speed generator with a low-speed generator eliminates two-thirds of the conventional drive-train arrangement. We chose a permanent magnet generator, which leads to high efficiency even at low loads.


All our products are custom-built, exceptionally tried and tested, and made with your needs in mind. To make it easier for you to choose the right product, all Siemens wind turbines are categorized in four product platforms answering different needs regarding site and technology: onshore geared, onshore direct drive, offshore geared, and offshore direct drive turbines.


Just as new challenges that arise call for a flexible turbine response, so too is a flexible service response needed: smarter and more proactive services and products that optimize your wind power plants for energy output throughout your projects’ entire lifetime. Our modularized service portfolio, which allows you to compile your own service packages, is based on decades of experience to meet just such diverse and changing needs and maximize ROI. 



The Onshore Geared platform: reliable technology with a proven track record

With rotor diameters optimized for all wind classes and a nominal power of 2.625 MW, the geared onshore turbines are the right choice for low to high wind conditions on land – no matter the climate conditions. They are especially tailored to match capacity-limited site conditions. With more than 8,900 turbines installed with a total capacity of around 21 GW, this product family is our showpiece. Best practices and lessons learned were incorporated in the design of these turbines, leading to a constantly high and still improving fleet availability.

The Onshore Direct Drive platform: flexibility and performance

More than 8.9 GW sold – investors worldwide are convinced that our Onshore Direct Drive turbines are the ideal solution for all wind classes, in any onshore environment. The latest generation of these turbines are part of the new OptimaFlex product offering. OptimaFlex represents an entirely fresh approach to wind power – rather than simply offering a product engineered around a fixed set of parameters, OptimaFlex wind power means that our highly skilled team will work with you from the day you start planning your project and then deliver precisely the right turbine for your needs. 


Our onshore direct drive turbines flexible enough to adapt to those needs, whatever they might be. Your generator can be finely tuned to deliver the precise power levels your business requires. And we will design towers for your site that are truly optimized for the conditions at your site, not overengineered. But it doesn’t stop there – OptimaFlex turbines can be retuned and recalibrated over the course of their lifetime as environmental and business conditions surrounding your site change. So, not only do we give you the ideal turbine on day one, we make sure it stays that way every single day thereafter.

The result: the highest AEP output in their class. In addition, the compact and lightweight design of the nacelle as well as the outer rotor helps lower your transportation and installation costs and therefore supports the quick amortization of your onshore wind power investment. 

The Offshore Geared platform: the next step in the evolution of geared innovation

Prior to the development of the direct drive, the geared offshore turbines were the most popular Siemens product for application at high sea – with good reason. These high-output workhorses have a world-class track record regarding reliability and the highest capacity factor in the industry. The popular SWT-3.6 family, the predecessor of today’s geared offshore turbines, has been installed more often than any other offshore wind turbine family worldwide - more than 1,600 units altogether, with the first prototype installed in 2004. Since then, a fully developed supply chain with off-the-shelf components and optimized installation and maintenance concepts has been established. This reliability makes your wind power projects sustainable and helps to keep your long-term investment safe and profitable.

Wind turbine at sea with sunrise

The Offshore Direct Drive platform: lean construction for lower cost of energy

Two turbines for two different IEC classes: the direct drive offshore turbines suit challenging sites at sea where superior performance is key. The technology has been deployed successfully in the field for years, with many core components already in place in turbines produced in large volumes. This fact facilitates bankability and gives you a more viable business model.


Our offshore direct drive turbines are now part of the new OptimaFlex product offering. OptimaFlex represents an entirely fresh approach to wind power that gives our customers unprecedented levels of flexibility at every stage of the project lifecycle. This new approach is still based on modular components, allowing for lean construction that offers significant cost benefits in terms of substructure requirements, shipping, installation, and service. And it makes the Siemens Offshore Direct Drive turbines the lightest weight per megawatt in the industry. The simple drivetrain with fewer moving parts strengthens turbine resilience in harsh offshore environments. 


Service Wind Power: comprehensive care for every wind turbine

In four key pillars – reliability, reassurance, optimization, and knowledge – you have the flexibility to customize your service package from a range of intelligent and innovative service solutions. In each of the four pillars, your needs have shaped the solutions offered.

  • In the reliability category, flexible service solutions keep your wind turbines up and running and enhance your ROI. Smart diagnostics and innovative offshore logistics boost uptime and performance – and a reliable supply of spare parts and services mean you’re always on the safe side.
  • Reassurance gives you peace of mind – and the highest level of wind turbine availability possible. We have invested knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to produce premium time- and yield-based service options to meet that need through this service category.
  • For permanent asset optimization, after your turbine is installed we continue to improve on it. In our optimization category, we have the right solution to enhance and maintain your energy output: whether the need is changes in legal regulations, required software updates, or technological innovations.
  • In all areas, we offer you the benefit of Siemens’ decades of experience and expertise so that you can reach new heights in the industry. Nowhere is this more applicable than in the knowledge service category, where diverse modules offer you the opportunity to investigate and better understand your turbines – from data interfaces to diverse training courses.

Whatever your project situation, your choice of custom-built service packages will ensure the best performance and benefits.

For diverse and changing customers' needs, we present our modularized service portfolio.
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Do you have any questions regarding our wind turbines or services? Please contact our support team. 

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