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Siemens is a global powerhouse in diversified engineering providing products, systems and solutions across the Electrification, Automation and Digitalization value chain. The company has been in Africa for over 157 years igniting a history of innovation and social development. As an integrated technology company, Siemens aims to play a constructive role in Africa‘s success story.

Siemens – A Global Power House

In fiscal 2017, which ended on September 30, 2017, Siemens generated revenue of €83.0 billion and net income of €6.2 billion. At the end of September 2017, the company had around 372,000 employees worldwide.

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Siemens’ technical expertise, comprehensive portfolio and long-standing experience are helping to pioneer a sustainable future across the globe. Find detailed information, news, insights and references on the topic areas that exemplify Siemens’ success in providing state-of-the-art solutions in fields including IT, industry, finance and energy.

Our Vision 2020 leads Siemens into a successful future.
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About Siemens in East Africa

Siemens' presence in East Africa

Sudan has an urgent need for resilient infrastructure that will improve its energy mix and help Sudan take advantage of its position at the crossroads between sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Siemens supports Sudan in areas such as multi-source power generation services, road and rail mobility, and technology solutions for industry.
Contact person: Lukas Duursema
The mining sector is a vital part of Eritrea’s economy and probably offers the most promising path to sustainable development in the medium term. In addition, the government has made infrastructure one of its main investment priorities. With expertise in efficient power generation, road and rail mobility, as well as solutions that maximize productivity of industries, Siemens is a natural partner to support the country’s ambitions.
Contact person: Lukas Duursema
East Africa’s most populous country can look back on impressive progress – growing at about double the regional average – admittedly, from a low base. Siemens is a partner to Ethiopia with expertise in multi-source power generation, technology for industry, as well as road and rail passenger mobility and other areas. Investment and job creation in these sectors support Ethiopia’s dual goals of sustaining economic growth and accelerating poverty reduction.
Contact person: Lukas Duursema
While Djibouti is a very small country, its location at southern end of the Red Sea is of great strategic significance. It is Ethiopia’s main import-export route. Not surprisingly then, port traffic and the transport sector overall are the main drivers of economic growth. Siemens is ideally placed to support the country with expertise in rail freight transportation, passenger mobility and efficient power generation.
Contact person: Lukas Duursema
Uganda is returning to robust economic growth, massive investment in infrastructure has no small part to play in that. Siemens is a key technology partner to Uganda, offering expertise in power generation services, road and rail passenger mobility, as well as technology solutions for industry and automation.
Contact person: Lukas Duursema
A large, youthful population and dynamic private sector helps make Kenya a pivotal country in East Africa. With local expertise in multi-source power generation, road and rail passenger mobility, and technological solutions for automation and industry, Siemens is a key partner who can help raise the productivity and resilience of the country’s infrastructure.
Contact person: Johan Helberg
With a resilient economy and politically stable environment, Tanzania has a great deal of potential, but needs solid infrastructure to further boost productivity. Siemens actively supports this development – particularly in areas of power generation services, road and rail passenger mobility, and technology solutions for industry and automation.
Contact person: Lukas Duursema
Siemens is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering providing products, systems and solutions across the electrification, automation and digitalization value chain. In Africa for over 157 years, Siemens has a rich history of innovation and social development. As an integrated technology company, Siemens plays a constructive role in Africa’s success story.
Our expertise in power-efficient, resource-saving technology helps us empower African economies. We are a leader in the digital revolution, we develop smart mobility solutions to make transport systems more efficient. With industry 4.0 underway, we digitalize production, increase output, simplify processes and produce quality products; this gives the company a competitive edge.

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With our products and solutions we enable our customers to set industry benchmarks. Theses are their success stories.


Uptime Anytime

How Digital Realty reached industry-leading deployment times.

Today, everything is based on data – and data centers must deliver speed and scalability to successfully serve as the backbone of entire industries, the factories of the 21st century. Learn how global data center player Digital Realty, together with Siemens, grew their colocation site network by scaling to meet customer needs at unrivaled speeds.

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Smooth Service on the Rough Seas

Full Wind Service Ahead

It has always been true that the farther a wind turbine stands from shore, the more expensive its maintenance. To solve this problem, Siemens invented service operation vessels. These “floating service workshops” will revolutionize the offshore market and decrease maintenance costs.

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Record-Breaking Power Plant

See the technology behind the world‘s most efficient power plant.

Siemens has built the world's most efficient power plant in Düsseldorf, Germany. It holds three world records, is considered an industry benchmark, and has been officially connected to the grid since January 2016.

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Driven by Data

How Siemens helped Maserati face the future of manufacturing.

How can you achieve a shorter time to market without sacrificing quality?
To meet these market demands, sports car manufacturer Maserati went digital and worked with holistic manufacturing solutions, choosing a partner who covers the entire industrial value chain: Siemens.

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Electrification, automation and digitalization are the long-term growth fields of Siemens. In order to take full advantage of the market potential in these fields, our businesses are bundled into eight divisions and Siemens Healthineers as well as Siemens Wind Power as separately managed businesses.

Siemens in South Africa

Siemens' presence in South Africa