Meeting the need for smart mobility solutions

Siemens Mobility provides efficient and integrated transportation of people and goods by rail and road – including rolling stock, rail automation, rail electrification, intelligent traffic systems and service. Siemens designs and manufactures across the entire spectrum of rolling stock, including commuter and regional passenger trains, light rail and streetcars, metros, locomotives, passenger coaches and high speed trainsets. Cities and railroads also rely on Siemens to provide traction-power substations and electricity transmission, as well as signaling and control technology for freight and passenger rail and transit systems.


Shaping connected mobility

Trains and infrastructure have a critical role to play in a world that is digitally transforming. They can produce big data, with thousands, even millions of data points every day, allowing you to get more out of your system than ever before. With digitalization, we enable transportation operators to make trains and infrastructure intelligent, increase value sustainably over the entire lifecycle, enhance passenger experience and guarantee availability.


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Satisfying the need for seamless mobility

People today expect and need solutions that make their daily commute simple, reliable and flexible. Cities and states across the U.S. are also facing the challenge of reducing costs, improving congestion, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


The pressure on transportation providers and policymakers to meet these needs is not just high but growing – by 2050 the urban population is expected to exceed 70%. In the face of these rising demands, the transportation industry is now seeking solutions that will take existing infrastructure to the next level.

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