Financing Solutions for Power Generation

Flexibility needed to bring successful power projects online

As the energy market continues to thrive to meet varied demands, the needs of power generation customers morph according to regional trends. This is why it’s so important to find a suitable financing provider with the flexibility to adapt to a constantly shifting market landscape where capital demands are often unpredictable.

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Role of finance

Flexibility in Financing

When developing a power generation project, clients tend to seek equity when the country’s debt market is more liquid and, thus, equity is harder to find. Another scenario may call for an equity investment if the project utilizes new or unique technology – in this way an equity investment shows confidence in cutting-edge equipment.

With global expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, Siemens Financial Services (SFS) can shift from debt to equity on the basis of fluctuating project requirements. The specific market and transaction have big effects on the type of financing offered and we have the expertise to customize a capital solution based on the many unique factors facing different power generation projects around the world.

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Types of Energy Financing

Early-stage Development Financing


In this phase of project development, securing adequate funding for early-stage project items is critical for power generation projects. Early-stage project developers are often thinly capitalized individuals or firms adept at site acquisition, permitting and counterparty contract negotiation. Development activities typically take 12-36 months and require early-stage capital to fund: Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) studies - this is often the single largest cost during the development phase; negotiation of air, water and other permits; payments for site acquisition, land lease agreements and easements; engagement of counsel and consultants; and applications for federal, state and local financial incentives.


Siemens provides equity, mezzanine and debt financing to support the development of projects. At SFS, we have a significant amount of sector specialists, including technical project managers, banking experts and insurance specialists, as well as general project and risk managers. Together, they are well equipped to handle a broad range of project and risk management tasks to ensure a project will be successfully implemented.

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Project Financing for Energy

Construction & Operational-stage Financing



Demand for greater operating flexibility, energy efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions in power and the demand for gas-fired power plants is increasing at a rapid pace. The efficient use of fossil fuels is paramount to maintaining a stable power network in the U.S. Looking ahead, certain trends are being observed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa which will further shape the requirement for tailored financial solutions, for instance, a continuing demand for financial support in the African region and the establishment of capacity markets to cope with raising supply of renewable energy in various European countries (e.g. UK, France, Italy).

Typically, power generation projects are large and require a consortium of lenders who are willing to take on the construction risks that these types of projects entail. Once a power generation project is constructed, it must be operated and maintained within the guidelines originally outlined in the project’s documents. The project must operate at the level required to generate revenue, while also being able to repay loans.


Siemens provides the following financial solutions to support the permanent financing of a power generation projects throughout the operational and construction phases:

  • Construction-bridge loan
  • Senior Secured debt
  • Subordinated/holding company (holdco) debt
  • Asset-backed revolvers
  • Mezzanine capital
  • Preferred equity
  • Common equity
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Financing across energy

Financing Power Generation Globally

Siemens participated in multiple power generation projects around the globe, playing an active role as both supplier and financier.