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SGT-A65 (Industrial Trent 60) aeroderivative gas turbine

Flexible and high lifecycle engine for peaking applications

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    Most powerful aeroderivative gas turbine in its class

    The SGT-A65 can start loading within 7 minutes after cold start.

    Aero heritage allows long lifecycle due to absence of equivalent operating hours calculations

    Emission compliant on gas or liquid fuels

    Quick installation and maintenance

    Minimal power drop-off at part-load and reduced spool speeds compared to a twin-shaft design.

    High power density and load flexibility for peaking applications due to aero heritage

    Simple cycle power generation (ISO) up to 0 MW(e)

    Mechanical drive: 62.3 MW

    Established a new benchmark for fuel economy and cost savings


    Engineered for industry-leading power output and fuel savings

    The SGT-A65 (Industrial Trent 60) has established a new benchmark for power output as well as fuel and cost savings. With this highly flexible gas turbine you will benefit from high power and efficiency ratings with only a minimal drop-off at part-load and reduced-speed conditions. It is available with Wet Low Emission (WLE) and Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustion systems.

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    SGT-A65 (Industrial Trent 60) gas turbine highlights

    Due to its independent 3-shaft design, this gas turbine is highly flexible, offering high power output and fuel effiency with minimal drop-off at part-load and reduced-speed conditions.

    For a simple cycle SGT-A65 package, the start-up sequence time is designed to be less than 7 minutes – from pressing the start button to reaching full base load. This includes an allowance for a simple cycle exhaust system purge. A 5 min cold start option is available upon request under consideration of project  specifications. 

    The SGT-A65 boasts the most extensive mechanical drive experience in its class. It is ideally suited to meet the higher power, variable speed demands required, for instance, for natural gas liquefaction, gas transportation, or gas induction for oil recovery.

    One of the most efficient gas turbines on the market, the SGT-A65 provides up to 71 MW in simple cycle service at 43.8% efficiency. With its fast cold start capability and high cyclic life, this engine can rapidly add power to the grid to compensate for fluctuating and variable renewable and other energy sources – making it your ideal solution for peaking markets.

    The SGT-A65 consists of 8 engine modules for easy maintenance. Each module is pre-balanced to make it completely interchangeable.

    The inlet spray intercooling (ISI) system improves the gas turbine's performance at ambient temperatures above 7 °C (45 °F) better than comparable inlet cooling technologies with similiar peformance enhancement – while minimizing additional water consumption and auxiliary load.

    Ingenious design to the core

    The SGT-A65 is designed for flexibility so that you can use the same engine for power generation as well as mechanical drive service, without any changes. The mechanical arrangement uses three coaxial independently rotating shafts contained within a carcass of axially joined circular cases.



    SGT-A65 packages

    The package is designed for quick installation and easy maintenance in the field. The package contains all components and subsystems that we have carefully selected and optimized to support the SGT-A65 gas turbine:
    Core engine, enclosure, base frame, air intake, exhaust collector, engine control system, fuel metering skid, lubricating systems, starter system, vibration monitoring system, firefighting system, package ventilation system, instrumentation, gearbox (if needed).



    The SGT-A65 fires up

    The SGT-A65 exhaust hood can be rotated in 3 directions, which allows customized configuration depending upon the available space. The power density of high aeroderivative power in a small and lightweight package is well suited for land use with more green open space.




    A scope to fit your needs

    We can offer the scope according to your needs:

    • Package
    • Power train
    • Thermal equipment
    • Power island
    • Power block
    • Complete power plant

    Comprehensive services to support you

    Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides low life cycle cost and optimum performance throughout the turbine’s life cycle: Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul service, field service, spare parts, service exchange, remote diagnostic service, and modernization and upgrades.


     Whether for scheduled service or short-term support, our specialists are there for you, on-site all over the world.


    Maintenance of the SGT-A65 engine can be accomplished quickly and easily due to the aero engine design.



    Fuel flexibility matters

    DLE – 34 to 48 WI / WLE – 34 to 52 WI




    Liquid fuel operation

    Due to the aeroderivative heritage, the SGT-A65 can operate on liquid fuels without an EOH (equivalent operating hour) penalty. In fact, the SGT-A65 has shown complete liquid operation without performance or component life degradation.

    Designed to meet stringent environmental requirements

    The SGT-A65 Dry Low Emissions (DLE) engine uses eight radial staged combustors to successfully run in part-load operation while still complying with NOₓ and CO regulations.

    NOₓ emissions:  ≤ 25 ppmvd on fuel gas (with WLE and DLE, at 15% O₂)

    Technical data

    Technical data for the SGT-A65

    SGT-A65 DLE: Performance data for simple cycle power generation

    Download table as: PDF Excel
    50 Hz DLE
    50 Hz DLE with ISI
    60 Hz DLE
    60 Hz DLE with ISI
    Power output 61.9 MW(e) 65.9 MW(e) 59.6 MW(e) 64.9 MW(e)
    Fuel* Natural gas Natural gas Natural gas Natural gas
    Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
    Gross efficiency 43.34% 43.8% 43.2% 43.3%
    Heat rate 8,307 kJ/kWh 8,228 kJ/kWh 8,330 kJ/kWh 8,311 kJ/kWh
    Turbine speed 3,000 rpm 3,000 rpm 3,600 rpm 3,600 rpm
    Pressure ratio 38.1 : 1 39.6 : 1 36.6 : 1 38.0 : 1
    Exhaust mass flow 171 kg/s 178 kg/s 165 kg/s 171 kg/s
    Exhaust temperature 441 °C (826 °F) 431 °C (808 °F) 443 °C (829 °F) 437 °C (819 °F)
    NOₓ emissions** ≤ 25 ppmvd ≤ 25 ppmvd ≤ 25 ppmvd ≤ 25 ppmvd

    SGT-A65 WLE: Performance data for simple cycle power generation

    Download table as: PDF Excel
    50 Hz WLE with ISI
    60 Hz WLE with ISI
    Power output 67.4 MW(e) 70.8 MW(e)
    Fuel* Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel
    Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
    Gross efficiency 41.3% 41.4%
    Heat rate 8,724 kJ/kWh 8,696 kJ/kWh
    Turbine speed 3,000 rpm 3,600 rpm
    Pressure ratio 39.9 : 1 39.3 : 1
    Exhaust mass flow 178 kg/s 176 kg/s
    Exhaust temperature 431 °C (808 °F) 447 °C (837 °F)
    NOₓ emissions** ≤ 25 ppmvd ≤ 25 ppmvd

    *Other fuels on request; automatic changeover from primary to secondary fuel at any load

    **NOX emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

    Note: ISI – Inlet Spray Intercooling (wet compression water to the compressor inlet)

    Performance data for combined cycle power generation / 50 Hz/ 60 Hz

    Download table as: PDF Excel
    DLE 1x1
    DLE 2x1
    DLE with ISI 1x1
    DLE with ISI 2x1
    Net plant output 73.0 MW(e) 147.0 MW(e) 83.0 MW(e) 166.8 MW (e)
    Net plant efficiency 54.6% 55% 54.2% 54.4%
    Net plant heat rate 6,593 kJ/kWh 6,546 kJ/kWh 6,648 kJ/kWh 6,617 kJ/kWh
    Pressure / reheat Dual / No Dual / No Dual / No Dual / No

    SGT-A65 WLE water injected. ISI - Inlet Spray Intercooling (wet compression water to the compressor)

    WLE also available without ISI

    WLE (with and without ISI) performance for Combined Cycle available upon request

    Performance data for mechanical drive

    Download table as: PDF Excel
    SGT-A65 DLE
    SGT-A65 WLE
    Power output 54.2 MW 61.8 MW
    Fuel* Natural gas Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel
    Efficiency 43.6% 41.9%
    Heat rate 8,255 kJ/kWh 8,586 kJ/kWh
    Turbine speed** 2,380 – 3,430 – 3,570 rpm 2,380 – 3,430 – 3,570 rpm
    Pressure ratio 34.3 : 1 36.1 : 1
    Exhaust mass flow 154.4 kg/s 164.2 kg/s
    Exhaust temperature 428 °C (802 °F) 431 °C (807 °F)
    NOₓ emissions*** ≤ 25 ppmvd at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

    *Other fuels on request; automatic changeover from primary to secondary fuel at any load


    Note: ISI - Inlet Spray Intercooling (wet compression water to the compressor)

    Physical dimensions and weight

    Download table as: PDF Excel
    Power generation package
    Mechanical drive package
    Approx. weight 190,512 kg (420,007 lb) 106,000 kg (233,690 lb)
    Length 26.6 m (97.1 ft) 12.4 m (40.7 ft)
    Width 4.6 m (15.1 ft) 4.7 m (15.4 ft)
    Height 5.2 m (17.1 ft) 6.4 m (21.0 ft)


    For power generation, AC generator is included, dimensions include inlet filter housing, exclude exhaust stack. 

    For mechanical drive, driven equipment is excluded, dimensions exclude inlet filter housing and exhaust stack.

    The SGT-A65 is suitable for the following applications and industries:


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    More than 115 units sold worldwide: SGT-A65 (Industrial Trent 60) reference highlights

    Over 115 units have been sold with more than 1.8 million fleet hours experience.
    The fleet leader has accumulated more than 110,000 operating hours.


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