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The elimination of downtime is the ultimate objective, but unplanned instances occur daily. Keeping your operation running smoothly depends upon the reliability of your equipment and the safety of your operators.  Siemens Industrial Controls suite of products can provide you with the basic protecting and switching operations but also advanced communications that allow you to monitor, predict, and control your downtime.


Why Siemens?

Siemens has a long and rich North American heritage starting in the old Furnas factory in West Chicago. As a leader in control products world-wide, Siemens can provide products for all your switching, controlling, and protecting applications in any condition anywhere in the world.

Most importantly, our products are the most advanced, smallest in foot print for easy replacement parts to keep your applications running smoothly.


You asked, and Siemens delivered!

Siemens best in class solutions come with reliability built in. Customers that need dependability and reliability trust SIMOCODE, SIRIUS and our NEMA solutions. In fact, when people think of motor management, they think SIMOCODE.

SIMOCODE defined what an intelligent motor overload should be rather than conforming to the limitations present in the marketplace. Like SIMOCODE, SIRIUS products like the SIRIUS 3RM1, 22mm compact starter and the SIRIUS 3RW5 soft starter, take the technological leap forward in small packages so that our heavy industrial customer can upgrade their obsolete equipment with ease.

From  the world's first talking pushbuttons to  pump panels, we’ve thought about every product and how it matters to you.  Just like the SIRIUS 3RW5 soft starter- “you asked, and Siemens delivered.”  Don't take our word for it, we've provided a customer success story to show you how a small SIRIUS relay solved a huge problem for one of our customers. 

Contact a Siemens channel partner today to find out why SIRIUS products are the only products you should buy.

Every manufacturer would like to run at 100% with no equipment downtime.


The right product for every application

Ease of installation and operation were on the top of our list when creating the SIRIUS 3RW5 soft starter with auto-parameterization and energy saving technology.

However, we’ve thought about every product and how it will fit into your operation-from talking pushbuttons, smart relays, to pump panels we deliver products to keep your machines running smoothly

When it matters, you can depend on SIRIUS controls.  

This is just one of many more ways Siemens relays can be integrated successfully into 3rd party automation systems.
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Customer Success Story

A small relay provides a big solution

Bosch Power Tools (Bosch) produces special power tool solutions in its Murrhardt factory which undergo function testing prior to delivery in the factory’s own in-house test chambers. Fundamental to the company’s function and quality testing procedures is current monitoring, which Bosch performs using control, measuring and safety technology from Siemens.


Exhaustive testing in the companys own in-house facilities

Whether bolt fastening solutions for the assembly of tractor axles weighing just under a ton, or slightly less weighty tooling solutions: the Bosch factory in Murrhardt produces high-end power tools which undergo exhaustive testing in the company’s own in-house facilities.
At the heart of the test chamber control system is a Siemens SIMATIC distributed controller from the ET 200SP modular I/O system with failsafe F-CPU (Central Processing Unit).
The system is operated using a KTP 900 touch display, where the test operator enters the type part number of the device under test and specifies the envisaged test cell. Testing then takes three minutes at half operating voltage, seven minutes at the full rate.

“One central aspect of the overall design is the current monitoring, which really tells us a lot from a quality management point of view,” explains Klaus Hahn, Development Engineer at Bosch Power Tools.

Because the new testing technology not only indicates whether a device is “functioning” or “not functioning”, it also uses the recorded measurement curves to derive quality characteristics and material properties.



Current is measured using three SIRIUS 3UG4822 current monitoring relays connected directly to the distributed I/O over  I/O link. These relays enable not only current but also residual current and insulation monitoring.

Doing away with individual wiring meant a radical reduction in the overall wiring workload. Depending on the parameterization, the devices monitor currents of between 0.05 and ten amperes. Where higher currents are involved (up to 750 amperes), current transformers are used.
“We use this type of transformer in our test chambers because the operating currents as well as the starting currents of the individual power tools can be very high,” says Hahn.

The current values measured are reported in digitalized form to the controller over the I/O link, where they are evaluated. Engineering of the I/O link master modules and devices takes place in the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal using the “Port Configuration Tool” (PCT).

Optimum Communication facilitates engineering

A combined solution comprising failsafe F-CPU and distributed I/O with integrated safety functions was deployed for the very first time in the test benches. Previously, safety features such as door contacts and smoke detectors were monitored using conventional solutions.
The sensors are now linked to the I/O using input cards. “A modern system setup with high-performance communication as implemented here (…) delivers huge benefits in engineering, installation and operation,” concludes Hahn.

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