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Let the world know we’re changing it

We’re constantly developing groundbreaking technologies that make the world we live in smarter. And our ideas are about to get more daring and disruptive in the next few years.

Sales and Marketing Careers

The heart of our role is understanding the current and future needs of our customers and partnering with them to provide solutions to solve their problems – and make their businesses better.

Errin Major, Industrial Sales Manager, USA

Our Sales & Marketing team shouts about our innovations

Each idea will build a better future for our customers, society and our company. With digitalization, electrification and automation taking center stage in the years to come, we need our Sales & Marketing team to make sure that every innovation gets recognized not as just a new invention, but as the new benchmark. If you think you can bring our customers closer and promote our products and services across the globe, let’s chat.

Day-to-day life

The people who get us heard

With so many different technologies being developed, a job in Sales & Marketing is as varied as the ideas we create.

Sales and Marketing at Siemens 1

Caitlin Mould

Marketing Specialist - Integrated Outage and Maintenance Services, USA

“Through my role at Siemens, I was involved in the Siemens Energy Diversity and Inclusion Council. D&I has become a personal passion of mine and I’m honored to work for a company that’s so influential in promoting equality. Siemens understands that all of us are imperfect, but that’s what we bring to the table. And that’s what makes our company great.” 

Sales and Marketing at Siemens 2

Sarah Feinberg

Marketing Specialist, USA

“At Siemens we’re constantly innovating. Even when we have a quality product, we strive to be better, faster, and more powerful. The internal drive to make Siemens the top power generation company permeates throughout the organization.”


Sean Eckhart

Senior Account Manager, USA

“I work with some amazing people and I have great respect for the leaders in our organization. I have to be passionate about what I’m selling, and at Siemens, I’m selling the best products in the world, backed by the best engineering design in the world.”



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Looking for a new challenge in a field that matters? There are so many opportunities available. From making sustainable energy more economical to building intelligent infrastructures that change the cities we live in. View our open roles or join one of our entry or professional programs.

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