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Keeping your network at maximum efficiency
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Sustainable Design and Innovative Solutions to Modern Day Traffic Problems

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At the heart of an efficient and reliable network

Maximising the investment in your road network and ensuring trouble free operation requires 24 hour support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With an integrated team that is ready to respond to the needs of the travelling public on your network our Operational Services team can ensure the traffic keeps flowing.

Skills and resource challenges

Within the industry there is a significant skills shortage and with reducing budgets within local authorities critical knowledge about the traffic network and system operation is hard to come by. These challenges mean that many road networks do not perform to their potential, increasing congestion and emissions. 

A flexible expert team to support and manage operations on a continous basis is an essential component to increase the efficiency of road networks. With extensive experience and capabilities in all services you can be sure that we can help you meet your challenges. 


Traffic network operation

Each local authority highway network has its own unique challenges and requires a different approach to deliver the service expected by members of the public and network users. Congestion caused by on street works can be monitored and minimized by effective prediction, investigation and resolution of faults, meanwhile our Senior Traffic Systems Engineers and Technical engineers can identify improvements and execute planned traffic control strategies to improve network operation. To this end, each service offering is bespoke and made up of elements that meet the particular requirements and needs of each of our customers.

A typical service contract would be made up from a number of elements, delivered by our service team under the management of a nominated contract manager. This would usually be provided by a tiered system of operators:

Tier 1 – Service operator providing first line network monitoring including;

• Call handling

• System interrogation to acknowledge faults

• Fault assignment to Field Service engineers

• Fault monitoring through to resolution

• Reporting including service KPIs


Tier 2 – Technical engineer responding to network incidents including;

• Responsibility for system support and management

• Fault interrogation and investigation

• Introduction of pre-defined system strategies

• Operation of planned traffic control strategies, such as those required for events • Setting and monitoring variable message signage

• Dealing with emergency traffic control incidents



Tier 3 – Senior Traffic systems engineer providing network management including;

• Detailed fault investigation and fix

• System configuration to introduce new ITS elements or make ongoing changes and updates

• Ensuring that the operation of all traffic signal installations is as expected

• Investigate areas of improvement through either on street or system configuration changes

• Develop network control strategies to be used by tier 1 and 2 operators to handle common network events

Training services

HESA approved trainers with over 50 years of combined experience can improve the capabilities of your team

Our aim is to deliver high quality training that meets the requirements of your workforce and future proofs the industry.  Our training centre at Poole offers a fully equipped and professionally staffed Training and Assessment Centre. The Training Centre is certified as a Highway Electrical Sector Academy (HESA) Approved Training Organisation and all of our trainers are HESA approved. They are well-placed to apply their existing knowledge to provide training that meets the industry requirements and standards.


All of our professional trainers are qualified to a minimum standard of Cert Ed in Post Compulsory Education and Training. Each trainer is qualified in their area of expertise, such as a HNC/HND or a degree, and has industry experience. The centre also manages the NVQ programme and all of the training team are qualified NVQ assessors; internal moderation is also performed by qualified NVQ verifiers. The NVQ programmes are certified and externally moderated by a national awarding body, LANTRA.

Consultancy services

Our experienced engineers support you to create and operate a sustainable, innovative and efficient traffic network.

Our dedicated team of 30 experienced engineers have unparalleled access to knowledge and information from system designers, system support engineers and our national field service organisation. This provides our team with a unique insight into the operation of these systems and allows them to develop sustainable, innovative and cost effective solutions to meet the challenging demands of today’s traffic networks.


The team get involved at all stages of the network management lifecycle, from strategy and policy development, planning and concept through to implementation, service delivery and continuous improvement. The regionally based UK team enables us to respond quickly to local requirements, with offices located in Belfast, Glasgow, Lowton, Ashby, Poole and London.


Find out how our expert traffic engineers can deliver sustainable and innovative ITS solutions:
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In London, the Mayor aims to reduce total traffic in the capital by 10-15 per cent by 2041, with London boroughs leading on reducing traffic in their areas. We recognise you are faced with the relentless challenge to create and operate a sustainable, innovative and efficient traffic network to reduce congestion and improve journey times, make our streets fit for people not just cars, with the ultimate by-product of healthier streets and people.


The task may seem overwhelming but Siemens can help.

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Engineering services

Fault prediction and resolution combined with technical support for updates and new hardware

Covering a diverse range of support activities our system and software team are the point of contact for  technical support and advice to customers, contract managers, engineers and technicians.


The team work to service level agreements and respond to faults, preventative maintenance and, where applicable, software updates, continuity and high availability of our systems, including Stratos, InView and PC SCOOT, as well as legacy systems. They are the experts on hand for event and incident management, problem management and continual service improvement activities. The technical and product support team are responsible for deployed hardware in the field for all existing products and work to ensure efficient and trouble free rollout of updated or new products.


Continued excellence

Our training and development programme ensures our team is always at the forefront of traffic services

Our services team follows a structured training and development programme. This includes a bi-annual review and support for certified and project based technical training as well as soft skills training.


As corporate partners of the Institute of Highway Engineers we ensure that our development programme is focused on areas required to practice in the industry.


We provide support for continued professional development and encourage all of our team to obtain professional accreditation.