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Buildings and infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. Streams of customers, constantly changing employees, outside contractors and suppliers – countless people move through buildings every day. But not everyone is familiar with the building and knows where the emergency exits are located. In a serious incident, the risk is very high that people will not be able to safely escape the danger zone. In our modern society, great efforts are made to minimize life-threatening risks. As a result, owners and operators of buildings are liable for what happens in their buildings – legally and morally – even for unforeseen events in which technical and organizational rescue efforts ultimately prove to be insufficient. Deployment of safe and efficient alarm and emergency guidance concepts and successful implementation of additional measures requires experience and know-how. As a market leader in fire safety, security and building automation, Siemens can provide this expertise and deliver solutions and products to meet your needs.

Voice alarm systems

Voice alarm systems

State-of-the-art voice alarm systems from Siemens provide clear and intelligible announcements about the danger and give precise instructions that are immediately understood. 

Fire alarm devices

Fire alarm devices

For the EN market we offers a complete range of alarm equipment including sounders for ceiling and wall mounting, a sounder beacon according to EN54-23 and sounders with supplementary optical indication. The UL market is covered by our notification appliances for indoor and outdoor applications for both fire and mass notification. 

Integrated Fire Damper Control

Integrated Fire Damper Control

Integrated fire damper control, reliable fire detection and comfortable building management – all in one system


Reliable fire controls can save lives

Fire protection systems have to be highly reliable. One of their core tasks is fire control. In case of an event, they trigger acoustic and optical warning signals and have an impact on the technical systems of the building control. For example, they take elevators into a defined floor, open the elevator doors, close doors between the individual fire zones and influence the ventilation system. Closing fire dampers seals off individual fire zones from fire smoke and prevents it from spreading. In corridors and escape routes, smoke dampers are opened to let poisonous combustion gas dissipate for safe evacuation. Through targeted overpressure, the overpressure ventilation system also keeps escapes routes free from smoke.


Innovative solution from Siemens

Siemens offers a unique, intelligent solution for reliable fire detection and efficient fire damper control – integrated into a management platform. This helps save both time and effort.

Desigo Mass Notification

Desigo Mass Notification


Clear communication is always important – whether it’s a routine message about avoiding a full parking lot or a stressful emergency situation where people have to be guided out of harm’s way.


Desigo Mass Notification is an efficient and flexible application that uses today’s most common communication technologies to provide notification functionalities to the Desigo CCTM building management platform ensuring that your message gets through to the right people.  

Whether for a single building or a large campus, the centralized portal provides you with the right tools to respond to any situation and communicate the appropriate message quickly and clearly. It smoothly integrates your premise-based safety, security, and communication infrastructure as well as today’s most common Web-based modalities.




  • Easy-to-use, efficient and reliable emergency communication making sure you get your message through

  • Making the most of your existing infrastructure by ensuring a high return on your investment

  • Support to increase the overall process efficiency of your organization

Life safety

Protecting people

Companies, public facilities, hotels, hospitals, etc. bear high responsibility for the safety of their employees, visitors and patients. Siemens supports you in protecting their lives in an emergency.

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