Grinding with SINUMERIK - Highlights

Here you can see the highlights of our motion control solution for grinding applications.

Siemens has been accompanying Ghiringhelli, Italian manufacturer of centerless grinding machines, from the first NC controller through to robot integration.



Setup function – Measuring tool and workpiece

The preassignment of technology data for grinding machines shortens and facilitates the commissioning process. As the positions of grinding tools and dressers within the machine are important to achieve a precise grinding result, auxiliary cyles facilitate the setup process, thus saving time. In this context, for example, the measuring results obtained when scratching tools are calculated taking into account the controller configuration. The system is operated via graphic menus which are directly integrated in the advanced SINUMERIK Operate user interface.


Axis parallel profiling

Depending on the type of grinding wheel, a new wheel must be profiled. Or an already profiled washer has to be provided with a new grinding profile. Contour parallel dressing is the efficient method for resharpening, since the original profile is retained. New or reprofiling using the SINUMERIK option “axis parallel profiling“ provides the advantage that the process can be resumed at the break point of the contour, and that no air cuts need be performed at reduced dressing speed. This saves time and increases the productivity.


Compensation / program termination

Systematic and machine-specific deviations can be recorded already during the commissioning phase and displayed via the settings made on the CNC controller. Deviations may also result during normal operation due to the influence of ambient factors such as temperature or other external stress. For such cases, the SINUMERIK provides numerous compensation functions, which complement each other, such as backlash compensation and seat-dependent compensations. For such cases, the SINUMERIK provides numerous compensation functions which complement each other, for example, cylinder error compensation and seat-dependent offsets.