Mobilize production. Maximize flexibility.


SIMATIC RTLS, the locating platform for your digital enterprise

Many innovative companies are thinking about how to make their traditional workflows in production and logistics more dynamic. This allows to respond more swiftly to market changes, optimize capacity utilization or manufacture smaller batches. The key are flexible, self-organizing production and logistics concepts based on our SIMATIC RTLS locating platform.


What does that exactly mean? You can use SIMATIC RTLS to navigate material flows, control mobile robots, monitor component use, and fully document the final product assembly. Welcome to the Digital Enterprise.

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Real-Time Locating System SIMATIC RTLS

Seamless locating of all relevant objects anywhere on the company premises

SIMATIC RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) is a key component in the digital infrastructure of the factory of the future. For intelligent systems like mobile robots, self-navigating transport systems and state-of-the-art automation software to be able to focus and respond autonomously, they need to know what’s where, and when. The SIMATIC RTLS locating platform achieves this accurately and reliably. It locates objects with accuracy measured in centimeters and makes the positioning details available to higher-level systems in real time.

A precise digital twin

SIMATIC RTLS thus makes a precise digital twin of all processes possible – from delivery to further processing and final assembly. The relevant objects, e.g. workpieces, tools, automated guided vehicles or robots, are fitted with a transponder. The transponder signals are picked up by a higher-level system, which calculates their position and provides the information to the intelligent automation systems and manufacturing units. In real time. Dynamic. With precision.


3D locating accurate down to centimeters

UWB technology for maximum precision and reliability

SIMATIC RTLS draws on the benefits of ultra-wideband technology (UWB). For local wireless communication an extremely wide frequency range (3-7 GHz) with a bandwidth of at least 500 MHz is used, to transmit weak wireless signals. This prevents the risk of interference with other systems. The result is extremely precise object location with accuracy down to centimeters.

Easy installation

And: SIMATIC RTLS is extremely easy to install, and capable of adapting in stages to increasing demands. Extra units can be added to the individual components at any time – right up to a company-wide infrastructure. With no additional configuration cost at all. This aspect makes the technology attractive for companies too that are taking their first steps toward a Digital Enterprise. The following elements cover the entire locating infrastructure.

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Significance for the digital factory

Important information for higher-level systems

An essential milestone on the path to smart production


In the smart factories of the future, various production materials like Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and mobile robots will work together with humans, machines and systems. The location of a machine or robot will be a relevant variable in this regard. Knowing where they are in the factory is therefore essential for a self-directed, highly efficient workflow.


Localization in precision. For a digital enterprise in motion.

SIMATIC RTLS makes sure that information on the precise location of the production resources is available to all higher-level intelligent systems. That is the only way that Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or Cloud-based applications, e.g. in MindSphere, the open IoT operating system, will be able to trigger dynamic commands for target systems like mobile robots, programmable logic controllers (PLC) or AGVs for example. There can be no doubt: SIMATIC RTLS is the locating platform for dynamic, self-organizing processes.

Overview of the solution

What you can count on

The wireless-based SIMATIC RTLS locating platform offers real added value

  • Flexible solution for localization applications thanks to industrial scalability
  • High future proof thanks to expandability to new applications or operating areas
  • Smooth solution implementation thanks to comprehensive Siemens expertise
  • Flexible integration into various IT systems and even Cloud-based applications
  • Accuracy and reliability in industrial environments thanks to robust design

Examples of application

SIMATIC RTLS in practical use

We have has already implemented locating projects in about 120 locations around the world. There is a huge range of potential applications for SIMATIC RTLS.



Our comprehensive expertise

Siemens is your trusted partner, when it comes to end-to-end solutions for your Digital Enterprise. We have many years of expertise with innovative technologies for industrial applications in production and logistics. SIMATIC RTLS from Siemens includes all components and services for customized locating solutions. We are looking forward to design a customized locating solution that will perfectly suit your requirements. Contact us.