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At Siemens, we’re here to help you create your intelligent local energy system - whether that’s enhancing energy efficiency, generating your own energy supply, or embracing renewable energy to reduce your energy costs and secure energy sustainability.

It starts by helping you find better ways to define, manage and forecast your energy needs, then providing the infrastructure, expertise, technologies and finance solutions you need to support your energy strategy.


But whatever your needs, Siemens will work with you to create the intelligent solution you need to take full advantage. It’s what we call being energy intelligent.


Distributed Energy Systems report

Up to now the basic energy system in the UK has remained unchanged, with large scale centralised plants supplying power. A shift is underway with demand for energy ever increasing, energy costs rising and the cost of local generation through CHP and renewables and storage becoming ever more viable. The UK now needs to meet this challenge of rising demand while maintaining affordability, reliability and environmental sustainability. 


Siemens have worked with ARUP on a research project into Distributed Energy Systems to explore the areas which could most benefit from these solutions and how they could be implemented. 

The opportunities for small campuses to large industrials

Siemens can tailor solutions to the needs of end users from industry to campuses, from residential communities to national infrastructure. We will partner with you to think about new models that are right for your organisation and its critical power applications. Our world-class energy expertise and breadth of our product portfolio will enable you to plan and control the way you source, distribute, consume and pay for your energy. When you control your energy, your costs are predictable, a secure energy supply is available when you need it and you have a direct impact on your sustainability.


Solutions can be applied to many areas such as: 


Generate low carbon energy onsite to reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, while creating an energy system for real world learning and research, opening up new potential partnerships with local organisations.


Optimise the use of energy and heat produced, secure power on demand for industrial processes and even open up new revenue streams for your business.

Commercial buildings

Generation and demand side response technology providing cost reduction while satisfying business needs

Critical power

Generation and storage providing secure back up supplies

Residential communities

Power and heat, improving energy security whilst reducing bills

Rural electrification

Enabling secure power to those off grid


Your total local energy solution


Learn about our reference projects all over the world and see our proven track record

Algonquin College
Blue Lake Reservation
Algonquin College

Free download: Distributed Energy Systems

Distributed Energy Systems (DES) is a term which encompasses a diverse array of generation, storage, energy monitoring and control solutions. DES technologies represent a paradigm shift and offer building owners and energy consumers significant opportunities to reduce cost, improve reliability and secure additional revenue through on-site generation and dynamic load management.

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