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Siemens helps manufacturing organizations finance new equipment and technology that maximizes productivity, improves efficiency, reduces time to market and provides the agility needed to seize opportunities and grow sustainably.

The Siemens industry finance team helps manufacturers and the channel to keep pace with technological change and embrace digitalization. Financing solutions for both manufacturers and their customers enable sustainable competitiveness.

Industry finance

Making equipment finance easier

The Siemens industry finance team offers a range of asset and invoice finance solutions to help vendors and manufacturers realize growth ambitions and manage liquidity.

Our unique financing solutions make equipment and technology more accessible to manufacturers and their customers, as well as providing an alternative to traditional credit lines.

Siemens finance specialists pool their in-depth expertise in the manufacturing sector to take the complexity out of arranging finance. Responsiveness at every step of the way makes the process of arranging finance easier for our customers and adds value over the long term.

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Trusted brand
The Siemens name is recognized all over the world. Partnering with us can give you access to key markets and a global network of experienced professionals.

Knowledge of industry solutions and assets
Siemens leverages deep industry expertise and a thorough understanding of asset use and processes to offer a diversified portfolio of financial solutions.
Our manufacturing-dedicated teams have specialized local knowledge and understand what drives value in your organization, ensuring we provide a customer experience driven by speed, ease and transparency.

Geographic footprint
Chances are there’s a Siemens industry finance specialist near you, wherever you are in the world. Take advantage of our local business knowledge and our global mindset to make your next manufacuring investment a success.

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Financial services worldwide

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Accessing the digital enterprise through finance

Our research with manufacturing CFO's identified the key drivers of success and how finance can enable them to compete in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Watch this video to learn more.

Latest research

Investing in success

Smart finance helps manufacturers capitalize on the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Manufacturers worldwide are accessing a wide range of financing techniques to invest in new-generation manufacturing technology. Of these, the most widely used non-loan finance technique is asset finance.

Manufacturing CFOs reported that keeping pace with technological change that will allow them to capitalize on benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a major challenge.

Key drivers of success are:

  • intelligent financial management
  • new-generation technology
  • increased operational efficiency
  • raised production capacity and/or flexibility
  • more competitive pricing

These drivers of success help manufacturers achieve important business benefits and improve competitive positioning in the marketplace. Access to a wide range of financing techniques, including asset finance, has therefore become a strategic need for the manufacturing CFO in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Learn the insights of manufacturing CFOs from 13 countries on the role of finance in the new-generation manufacturing environment
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Financing solutions in practise

Financial Services from Siemens combines the industry experience needed to understand your individual vision with the financial know-how required to bring it to life, anywhere in the world. Learn more about how we’re helping businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.