Future of Manufacturing

Digitalisation as an opportunity

To succeed in the future you need to seize the opportunities provided by digitalisation right now. Digitalisation promises lower costs, improved production quality, flexibility and efficiency. It brings a shorter response time to customer requests and market demands. Productivity and energy efficiency can increase thanks to an integrated power supply. Solutions for the digital enterprise are already here - regardless of the sector or company size.

Process and Manufacturing industry

Competing in the Digital Era

With the unveiling of the ‘Made Smarter’ industrial digitalisation review, which outlined the ways industrial digitalisation could, over the next 10 years, boost UK manufacturing by £455bn and increase sector growth by 3%, the opportunities for discrete and process manufacturers through digitalisation are defining the ability to compete and thrive in the digital era. With improved time to market, flexibility, productivity and cost efficiencies - the future is bright, especially when it isn’t overshadowed by limitations to brownfield sites, lack of skills, know-how and capital to invest. 

The promises of digitalisation

Seizing the opportunities

Digitalisation is everywhere. Mobile phones are crammed full of networked applications, automobiles are turning into computers you can drive, refrigerators notify your mobile phone when their inventory is low, and we couldn’t imagine being without online shopping. But digitalisation affects more than just end customers – it affects industry, too.

Digitalization in manufacturing

The digitalisation of the manufacturing industry is a topic of global interest. New products must be brought to market in ever-shorter timeframes and customers demand much more personalised products. Rapidly changing markets require increased flexibility and an efficient use of resources and energy. All without compromising quality – in fact, sometimes you are required to increase it!


Digital enterprise can have a shorter response time to customer requests and market demands, which opens up new and innovative business areas. Discover how digitalisation can give an advantage over the competition.


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Energy for Industry

Energy as a competitive advantage

The hunger for energy is still high in industrial countries and continues to grow in emerging countries, driven by society as well as by industrial companies. Energy becomes an increasingly important factor in global competition – and an opportunity for higher efficiency, safety, and availability, thanks to digitalisation.


Discover how productivity and energy efficiency can increase thanks to an integrated power supply, allowing participation in the new energy market as an active player.


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CFO 4.0

The challenges of Industry 4.0 are giving rise to a new genre of Chief Financial Officer – CFO 4.0. Learn which five core competencies CFOs need to drive and enable the transformation process. 


Accessing the digital enterprise through finance

Our research with manufacturing CFO's identified the key drivers of success and how finance can enable them to compete in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Watch this video to learn more.

Benefit from Extended Payment Terms with Siemens Financial Services

Our work with the financial services division within Siemens enables us to combine digital know-how with tailored, flexible financing solutions.


With financing from SFS, you can enjoy extended payment terms beyond the traditional period of 30-60 days, up until180 days before being invoiced by Siemens. By bridging this short-term liquidity gap, access to capital is freed up, allowing your business to grow.

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Perhaps you know your company has got to embrace the opportunities of digitalisation but not sure about how.  Some will think it's what dreams are made of but far too sophisticated, expensive, and, to be frank, overwhelmingly complex for "little old us".


The reality is that you will be under pressure to transform - whether it's to compete on a global stage, to bring customisation at speed or to be ultra-responsive to your customer when and where it's needed.  There aren't many solutions without digitalisation but there are endless solutions with digitalisation. 


We bring you the next of our Digital Talks from some of the best of our people and the industry's people to your home, car, office or anywhere else to break down digitalisation into small, digestible and practical installs. If you're looking or inspiration as to why, and most importantly how, you can start to focus investment gradually in the right areas, so to future-proof your company, this podcast series is for you. 


Innovations that help our customers

Siemens’ solutions for the digital enterprise and for mastering the transformation of the energy systems are already available. They provide the industry to fully benefit from the future of manufacturing.

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