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You can help us create new techniques to make manufacturing more efficient. Whether it’s building entire offices using just a 3D printer, designing lightweight robots that speed up production, or making products and machines that communicate with each other to ensure a quality rating of 99.99885 percent.

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With effective and careful use of resources, we’re improving everybody’s quality of life, while increasing the quality of our work environments.

Michael Geßner, Head of Quality Management, Germany

Our Manufacturing team helps companies create products smarter and faster

We’re the only company on the planet that brings the real and virtual manufacturing worlds together under the same roof. It’s all part of Industry 4.0, the emerging era of smart factories, where people and machines will work as one. If you want to change the way the world works with materials, from 3D printing to advanced robotics, let’s chat.

Day-to-day life

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In today’s world, things are moving faster than ever before. These people help make sure we keep up. 

Manufacturing at Siemens 1

Tim Jones

Test Engineer, UK

“I love being given problems because usually there are no answers in the beginning so you have to investigate and try different ideas to try and solve it. As a test engineer, I find my role changing more towards software and IT skills. With new machines becoming more connected these software skills will be crucial in the future to be able to manage this data transfer.”

Manufacturing at Siemens 3

David Thomas

Training & Development Manager, UK

“A manufacturing career at Siemens is hugely challenging. Every day you will be pushed to get out of your comfort zone and change how we do things. Recently, I was part of a team challenged with increasing the capacity of our production line to cope with a sharp increase in customer orders. By working together, we were able to increase our output to satisfy our customer demands as well as significantly increase our efficiency and productivity.” 

Engineering at Siemens 3

Ashleigh Sumner

Product Engineering Technician, UK

“I started on my career in manufacturing by completing an advanced apprenticeship in Congleton. Now I’m helping to continuously improve processes, machinery and the way we work by incorporating robots that work alongside people. It’s all part of Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution. With this ever-changing environment, I am learning new skills and ways of working that meet the demands of the industry.” 

Engineering at Siemens 3

Simon Nadin

General Manager, UK

“Recently, I was part of a team that successfully won a bid to localize a rail motor and gearbox service in the UK. The project was completed on time, to budget and was recognized with an award for innovation and customer focus. Every day is different – that's the beauty of my job. This is a truly exciting time to be involved in manufacturing. We’re starting to see some dramatic changes to products and services as we embrace the digital revolution – Industry 4.0.”



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