The London Infrastructure Summit 2017

Improving city life

Using digital technology to improve capacity and connectivity for better lives and businesses. See us at the London Infrastructure Summit 2017.


The London Infrastructure Summit brings together key industry players to explore the key issues facing infrastructure policy and delivery in London, together with the progress being made under the new government. Following the morning conference, detailed spotlight sessions discuss specific areas of infrastructure development in London.

Siemens' experts will be on hand to participate in the conversation - from digitalisation’s role in transforming London's infrastructure to the mindset, technology and solutions needed to meet the Mayor of London’s transport vision and priorities.   

How about simulating the movements of individuals through a transport network to build up a virtual model of reality; a “digital twin” to optimise capacity and improve the passenger experience?

Siemens and The University of Sheffield are innovating in this space and using ground-breaking techniques to develop a connected and highly complex simulation framework to model people’s movements across a multi-modal transport system.   Individuals can be given their own characteristics – so perhaps some will push onto a train where others may choose to stand back and wait for the next one, or some will always favour travelling by bus to travelling by train. This allows modelling of all sorts of interconnected events.


Simple adjustments to provision of passenger information, or perhaps linking road crossing phases to the passage of people through a station, can be modelled and a clear understanding of the benefits of various investment decisions can be made. This gives the ability to model the impact of changing approaches to managing demand in a way that hasn’t been simply possible before.


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It is critical to access and use data from across an entire transport system. If you only have half the data, you only have half the story and of course only half the solution

Nick Dunne, Director of Technology

Hear more and attend our spotlight session at 14:10 at our stand.

For operators this means increased knowledge and return on investment, for passengers this means a better and seamless travel experience and for cities this means being open for business 24 hours a day.


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