Power distribution in the TIA Portal


Electrification goes MindSphere

Automated production processes in particular are characterized by complex technical requirements. This is certainly true for electrical power distribution in digital factories and the underlying systems and components. Now, thanks to the integration of communication-capable 3VA molded case circuit breakers and 7KM PAC measuring devices from the SENTRON portfolio in the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal, electrification will become an integral part of the automation solution.


Standardized interfaces ensure that all components in the industrial communication network work together efficiently. The TIA Portal can be used to directly configure and commission them, enabling engineering using a single tool as well as intuitive configuration of power distribution. It also makes it convenient to measure energy data – up to and including integration of the data in comprehensive energy efficiency concepts and connection to cloud-based open IoT operating systems such as MindSphere.

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Electrification meets automation

Completely integrated power distribution

Automated industries and infrastructures require reliable, consistent end-to-end solutions for electrical power distribution. Yet the environments vary as much as the technical requirements. With Totally Integrated Power (TIP), Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), and Total Building Solutions (TBS), you can rely on integrated complete solutions that work together perfectly in line with your requirements.

Integration of power distribution on all levels

All components in industrial buildings work perfectly together

The TIA Portal optimizes all operating, machine, and process sequences by integrating components at the machine level, such as drives and converters, automation components, and now even components from the electrical power distribution on one platform – with a consistently high level of user friendliness throughout. The TIA Portal provides you with complete access to the entire automation environment from digital planning to integrated engineering to transparent operation.


Energy and data flows in industrial applications

SIMATIC Energy Suite as an integrated option package for the TIA Portal efficiently connects energy management with automation and makes energy transparency possible in your production. The simplified engineering of power measuring components – such as 7KM PAC measuring devices or 3VA molded case circuit breakers – also reduces the time and effort required for engineering. Thanks to the consistent, end-to-end connection to higher-level energy management systems or cloud-based services, you can seamlessly expand the collected energy data to create an energy management system across different sites.


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Electrical power distribution in the TIA Portal

The integration of the electrical power distribution into the TIA Portal enables you to read out and analyze energy data for the entire plant. With the TIA Portal, take advantage of the opportunity for rapid parameterization, commissioning, and automation of your power distribution – enabling you to save costs and improve your competitiveness. 


With the possibilities of the TIA Portal, you will benefit from additional functionalities and the integration of communication-capable products from the low-voltage power distribution.


Your benefits at a glance: 

  • Engineering with only one tool
  • Intuitive engineering of power distribution
  • Access to measurement and diagnosis data
TIA Portal: Tutorial power distribution

Components for the electrical power distribution

TIA Portal – Profit from engineering efficiency
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Learn more about electrical power distribution in the Internet of Things

Automated production plants have specific demands on electrical power distribution. These include, in particular, automated engineering, fail-safe power supply, the integration of power distribution into comprehensive energy efficiency concepts, and connection to industrial automation and cloud-based IoT operating systems like MindSphere.