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Intelligent drive systems integrate smoothly into any automation environment, helping you speed up the processes of design, engineering, and plant integration, and saving power costs throughout the entire lifecycle. Digitally assisted drive technology is opening up a new dimension in transparency: Comprehensive data from motors and converters can be recorded, analyzed, and turned into added value. Analysis of this data, cloud-based as appropriate, provides new information that can be used to optimize processes, evaluate machine status, and arrange an ideal maintenance schedule. For you, this means a shorter time-to-market, more flexible engineering, and much less effort overall in implementing your project, while enjoying even greater plant availability and efficiency.

It's important to recognize that data is the raw material of the future business model.

Andreas Birkenfeld, Head of Automation Engineering, Kaeser Kompressoren SE, Germany

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A comprehensive portfolio of reliable frequency converters, motors, couplings and gearboxes for almost every industry and field of application satisfies the highest performance standards and quality requirements.

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Drive components from Siemens are used successfully all around the world. Learn more about practical day-to-day use in different fields of application.

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