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SINAMICS Safety Integrated

The SINAMICS drive family offers converters for each power and performance level. Not only this, but SINAMICS converters have the safety functions seamlessly integrated in the standard portfolio. The drives are simply linked to SIMATIC, SINUMERIK and SIMOTION controls, and through communication via PROFIsafe, are perfectly harmonized with these. This offers you shorter commissioning times and a higher cost effectiveness thanks to efficient engineering and lower wiring costs.

Keep on the safe side using the free-of-charge Safety Evaluation Tool
Safety Evaluation Tool

Safety functions

Integrated safety functions

Failsafe drives are characterized by their integrated safety functions, which they provide to the user as possible responses to safety-related events. The Safety Integrated Functions available in Siemens drives are subsequently described. The functional safety of all the functions satisfies the requirements defined in Part 5-2 of the international standard IEC 61800 for variable-speed drive systems. The SBT and SP functions go beyond the scope laid down in IEC 61800-5-2.


Functions to safely stop the drive

Functions for safe brake management

Functions for safely monitoring drive motion

Functions for safely monitoring the position of a drive

You can find detailed descriptions and application examples for the safety functions here
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Portfolio overview

SINAMICS converters and their safety functions.

You can quickly find the optimum solution for your drive and safety application in the large portfolio of SINAMICS with Safety Integrated - simple to implement and fit for the future.

rated safety functions
SINAMICS G130 / G150
SS1 - -
SBC - - -
SBT - - - - -
SLS - -
SDI - -
SSM - -
SLA - - - - - -
SOS - - - - -
SS2 - - - - -
SP - - - - - - -
SLP - - - - - - -
SCA - - - - - - -
*) no Profisafe

Application examples

Compare for yourself!

SINAMICS drives simplify your work decisively – from standalone solutions up to safety functions fully integrated in the automation environment. You can create your safety concept without any complex wiring – instead, safety functions are simply activated. The guided acceptance test, as well as the comprehensive documentation, provide you with user-friendly support when documenting and validating your safe machine. When compared to conventional safety technology, by using SINAMICS Safety Integrated you can save both time and money.


Our customers are convinced

Significant advantages are obtained for machine OEMs and users to the same extent by integrating safety functions in the drive. The costs to realize a safe machine are drastically reduced – and the reliability of the solution has been clearly proven in many applications around the globe.

WEILER Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Depending on the specific machine, by using Safety Integrated, we have reduced our wiring costs by between 50 and 70 % - i. e. time and material; in addition, a significant amount of space has been freed up in the control cabinet.

Armin Daum , Head of Electrical Design, WEILER Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

MiniTec GmbH & Co. KG

We started with the hardware planning, and simply added the safety functions using a memory card. We have been able to build our systems as usual but now the systems can be commissioned 30 % faster.

Thomas Wolf, Electrical Planning, MiniTec GmbH & Co. KG

Inautec GmbH

We use PC-based failsafe controls from Siemens. These are certified to address the highest safety requirements, monitor themselves and communicate with the failsafe drive technology from Siemens, which has also been certified.

Inautec GmbH

Download & Support

Additional information on SINAMICS Safety Integrated

Here you can find the catalog, downloads, support and services on the topic of failsafe drive technology.

Additional information

Failsafe drive technology

The Safety Evaluation Tool provides you with swift and reliable help in assessing the safety functions of your machine. The TÜV-tested online tool for standards IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1 gets you straight to your goal [TÜV = German technical inspectorate]. As a result you receive a standards-compliant report that can be integrated in the documentation of your system or machine as proof of safety.

Keep on the safe side using the free-of-charge Safety Evaluation Tool
Safety Evaluation Tool