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Comprehensive, integrated energy management from field level to management level – future-proofing your production

Energy is a valuable resource. If you’re seeking to lower your energy costs, increase your competitiveness and comply with statutory requirements, you know that consistent, end-to-end energy management is essential for industrial production. To be able to make the right decisions at the right time, you have to keep a constant eye on energy consumption throughout your entire company. With SIMATIC Energy Management, Siemens offers you a comprehensive, scaleable ISO 50001-certified portfolio of products and solutions – ranging from field-level energy data recording to company-wide energy analysis at the management level.

New: S7 Energy Management-Monitor for machines
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Scalable SIMATIC software for energy management

Scalable software solutions serving every need, from individual machines to plant-wide solutions – with SIMATIC, you can implement integraexpandable energy management scalable to your needs as they grow. Systems can be engineered quickly and easily while offering comprehensive analysis functions. Open interfaces give you a free hand for data input and forwarding, and the energy measurement modules of SIMATIC Energy Meter provide an ideal basis for collecting and recording data on any energy medium.


Intelligent energy management in industry

SIMATIC Energy Management has long since proven itself in actual practice. These software solutions have been successfully implemented by prestigious companies around the world in a wide range of industries to meet statutory regulations and DIN EN ISO 50001 requirements and sustainably lower their energy consumption and costs. You too can ensure a competitive edge for your company through energy-optimized operations control.


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News and innovations from the energy sector

With an eye to making a good thing even better, we continue to develop and improve our SIMATIC software for intelligent energy management. Here you can find out more about updates, upgrades, new products and industry trade fairs, exhibitions and events and all aspects of SIMATIC Energy Management.


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