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Software in the TIA Portal

The complete package for your automation solution optimizes your engineering processes

With the TIA Portal you integrate not only the basic software (STEP 7, WinCC, SINAMICS Startdrive, SIMOCODE ES and SIMOTION SCOUT TIA) but also the new functionalities like Multiuser and energy management in a single interface.

PLC programming with SIMATIC STEP 7

SIMATIC STEP 7 Controller Software

SIMATIC STEP 7 is the world's best known and most widely used programming software in industrial automation. SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal) is a winner thanks to innovative engineering for both proven and new SIMATIC controllers.

Visualization with SIMATIC WinCC

More than just visualization software

From machine-level visualization all the way to the powerful SCADA system, SIMATIC WinCC inside TIA Portal, with its efficient tools, covers the entire engineering and visualization software spectrum for the human machine interface – integrated across all performance classes!

Drive parameterization with SINAMICS Startdrive

Drive and control work together perfectly

The TIA Portal includes SINAMICS Startdrive to intuitively integrate SINAMICS drives into the automation landscape. The same operating concept, elimination of interfaces and the high user-friendliness make it possible to quickly integrate SINAMICS converters into the automation environment and commission them using the TIA Portal.

Motion Control with SIMOTION SCOUT TIA

SIMOTION Engineering with SCOUT TIA

With the integration of the SIMOTION motion control system in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), the comprehensive motion control functionality of SIMOTION, including its deep integration of the drive technology (Integrated Drive Systems, IDS) from SIMOTION V4.4, can now also be used in the TIA Portal

Motor management software SIMOCODE

Software für das Motormanagement

SIMOCODE ES offers ease of planning, high configuration reliability, rapid commissioning as well as parameterization, diagnostics and maintenance-relevant monitoring functions. Integrated in the uniform engineering framework of the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), SIMOCODE ES represents the efficient and intuitive solution for all automation tasks.

Power distribution in the TIA Portal

Electrification meets Automation

The increasing digitalization and automation in industrial applications poses ever new challenges for the electrical power distribution on which they are based. Corresponding components and systems need to be integrable, flexible and fail-safe to the maximum, and capable of seamless integration into automation environments.


TIA Portal highlights at a glance

More than just the sum of its parts: The individual components of the complete software package are closely linked. As a result, the TIA Portal offers a variety of functions that link automation and digitalization in a way that is both efficient and, most importantly, manageable.

TIA Selection Tool – Product selection and configuration in automation technology
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Yes, we can talk to machines

The TIA Portal is the proven tool for engineers in many different markets all over the world. Learn more about the TIA Portal in practice from our customers.

Starter packages

Starter packages for the TIA Portal

A range of starter packages makes it easy to get started with TIA Portal. 

TIA Portal for beginners

TIA Portal for users switching over from other systems and occasional users


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