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In Research & Development, you’re the one who’ll decide what we create next. Whether it’s designing street lamps that help people find parking spaces or making the next breakthrough in renewable energy, the future is in your hands.

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I'm delighted by the sparkle in the eyes of my colleagues when I talk to them about their projects and ideas. Because I know that Siemens has the resources to make them reality.

Laura Engelhardt, Senior Consultant Innovation Management, Germany

Our Research & Development team helps us make tomorrow possible

We have plenty planned for the future: electric superhighways, digital factories and energy-efficient smart grids. What we want to know is: what's next? If you’re excited to design, develop and test the prototypes of tomorrow, let’s chat.

Day-to-day life

The people behind our next big idea

Research and development is no easy task. That’s why it requires the smartest minds around. 

R&D at Siemens 1

R. Jarrett Nash

Systems Design Engineer, USA

“I’m always working on new products. One of those is the software we use for traffic light controllers. Instructions used to require assemblers to manually type commands and interpret the output. I automated them using smart scripts that speed up the manufacturing test process by 10 times and improve quality by automatically analyzing a pass or fail criteria.”

R&D at Siemens 2

Prashanti Koka

Senior Component Designer, USA

“The people I work with are very encouraging and open to new ideas. Which is great because I like making things and fixing things. But the most exciting part for me is when I have to do a ‘show and tell’ for the products I have designed and present them for the first time.”



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Looking for a new challenge in a field that matters? There are so many opportunities available. From making sustainable energy more economical to building intelligent infrastructures that change the cities we live in. View our open roles or join one of our entry or professional programs.

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