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Power supply for ports requires much more than just the norm

Harbors are modern and increasingly complex facilities. Their processes are unimaginable without electricity – from traffic guidance systems to transporting cargo. Restrictive regulations and European laws regarding environmental issues of power supply are a huge challenge modern harbors are facing. Topics focusing on energy efficiency, power quality, and grid stability are equally important. Harbors are looking for an environmental friendly solution that proves to be cost-effective and reliable.

TIP for harbors

Totally Integrated Power ensures reliable and eco-friendly power supply for harbors

Totally Integrated Power offers the entire spectrum of reliable, safe and efficient power supply for future-oriented harbors. The extensive selection of software solutions for power supply and automation offers key advantages for integrated digital monitoring and operations management processes. The hardware portfolio ranges from low-voltage circuit breakers to entire microgrids and land connection systems.

Major challenges for harbors

Modern harbors are confronted with major challenges: They need to adapt to stricter requirements on environmental performance, increasing power supply costs, rising demands on protection and automation solutions for the power system, infrastructural complexity, and the integration of operational data into the enterprise IT environment. Totally Integrated Power from Siemens supports harbors with a reliable and efficient power supply for the entire harbor infrastructure. An integrated approach – from planning and installation to services – helps harbors exploit their full energy-efficiency potential.

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Innovative power distribution for ports & harbors
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Specific solutions for harbors


Environmentally friendly and efficient

The power supply is uniquely integrated into the complete lifecycle of harbor facilities. Once industrial automation and building automation are combined, along with other elements in the Siemens portfolio, state-of-the-art harbors can face all challenges with confidence.


If necessary, the required medium-voltage can be directed quickly and easily to the relevant parts of a harbor using prefabricated e-houses. Seamless interfaces and the extensive expertise accumulated by Siemens in all aspects of power supply, from analysis to planning and system integration, operation and service, offer a smooth, reliable path forward and provide significant added value. The land connection system enables ships in the harbor to obtain the electric power they need via a connection to the medium-voltage grid on land and switch off their generators.

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Successful use of TIP in harbors

TIP is an integrated power supply solution that is being successfully used in harbors around the world. Learn more in the following reference projects.


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