Power matters: Electricity serves as the framework for today’s buildings


Efficient power supply for intelligent buildings

The demands placed on electrification today are as varied as the types of building to be supplied. For office buildings, hotels, hospitals and factories, requirements in terms of quality, reliability, ergonomics, and design are more stringent and more varied than ever before. There’s one factor that all modern-day buildings have in common, however: what makes them intelligent buildings is an uninterrupted and safe, energy-efficient, and cost-efficient power supply. Because electricity is simply vital, Totally Integrated Power provides reliable, safe and, naturally, efficient power supply solutions for buildings of all kinds and purposes.

TIP for buildings

Safe and reliable power supply for buildings

In the area of building control technology, digitalization adds more intelligence to what were originally rigid infrastructure systems. Also, digitalization offers new opportunities to network originally independent systems and enable these systems to communicate with each other.

Major challenges for the power supply of buildings

Sometimes a building’s purpose changes. For example, offices on one floor in a high-rise building may be redesigned into a shopping arcade. The electrical fittings and the power supply have to be flexible and able at all times to respond to changes such as these. In addition, increasing digitalization using networked components and systems means effective methods are needed to ensure cyber-security.

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Specific solutions for buildings


Flexible power supply solutions for a wide range of usage types

Buildings have a very wide range of different uses, and the demands they make on their power supply are as varied as their usage types. High-rise buildings require a different approach than university premises, leisure facilities, or hospitals. For many buildings like hotels, shopping centers, or theaters and museums, specific protective systems are required by law, and allowance may need to be made for an unusually wide range of electrical consumers. Totally Integrated Power includes a full range of products and solutions to adapt the power supply most effectively to the specific requirements on a case-by-case basis.

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Successful use of TIP in buildings

TIP is an integrated power supply solution that is being successfully used in buildings around the world. Learn more in the following reference project.


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