New wallbox for cost-optimized charging

Today’s electromobility is fast, safe and efficient. With the VersiCharge, the new charging unit for electric vehicles according to IEC standard, Siemens sets new standards in the area of electric vehicle charging. This applies to use in both the private and the semi-public environment, including garages as well as hotel or company parking lots. What’s special about the VersiCharge IEC is that the start of the charging process can be preset in two-hour intervals, from two to eight hours, allowing you to take advantage of economical electricity rates outside of peak periods.

How you benefit from the VersiCharge IEC

Smart energy consumption

Strategic energy usage saves money and optimizes consumption – which is exactly what the VersiCharge IEC enables you to do: Because you can flexibly preset the start of charging in two-hour increments, you can take advantage of less expensive electricity outside of peak periods – whether from your own solar or PV installation or the municipal grid, both of which are possible.

Whether rain, dust, heat or snow – you can rely on the VersiCharge IEC even under extreme conditions. The key is in the dirt-resistant industrial design. Outdoor applications are no problem, thanks to the protection class IP56.

Safety is the top priority – and is already integrated into our charging unit. Thanks to optionally integrated 6 mA DC detection, there is no need for an additional RCCB type B.

The VersiCharge IEC is compact with maximum functionality – not just in terms of design but also with regard to handling. Take advantage of functional cable management and simple wall mounting – even in limited spaces. The charging unit has optional access control on top: Thanks to an external RFID reader, you can also operate your charging station remotely if necessary.

Technical data

Impressive facts and figures

The new VersiCharge IEC wallbox features compact dimensions, flexible applications and easy installation. See for yourself – here you will find all the features and technical data at a glance.

Input voltage 230V AC
400V AC 230 V AC
Max. rated current 20A 32A
Frequency 50Hz / 60 Hz
Output power 4.6kW 22kW
Standby power Less than 9 Watts
Cord length 4m 7m
Dimensions in cm 36.83 W x 40.64 H x 16.51 D
Enclosure IP56
Connectivity Digital input / digital output; connection to PV and home control 
Connector Type 2

All the features at a glance

All the information and ordering data at a glance
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Successful use of the VersiCharge IEC

Installed in garages, shopping centers and parking lots, the VersiCharge IEC charging unit is already supporting electromobility in many regions, and promoting smart cities around the world. The goal is to protect the environment using state-of-the-art technology and improve the quality of life of citizens and communities.


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The future runs on electricity

Climate change, globalization, growing cities – the challenges of our time require answers for both today and tomorrow. Siemens offers smart solutions for improving the efficiency of buildings, transportation and energy systems. This includes electromobility solutions such as the VersiCharge IEC charging unit that support urban transport and the municipal infrastructure. You, too, can take a step into a future where electromobility is playing an ever greater role.

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