Who we are?

The Business Service Centre, also known as Order Handling Services, is a competence support centre originally established within one of our Divisions (Building Technologies), as a pilot undertaking and Siemens’ first project of this scale and at this level of complexity in Europe. 

We are operating within the broadly understood global logistics and customer services structures. The team has been operating since 2015 and continues to grow dynamically. We are especially proud of the fact that we are cooperating closely with business structures as one of their crucial elements, which enables us to better understand and achieve the strategic objectives of our major stakeholders.

Our daily work aims to ensure smooth performance of deliveries to and contracts concluded with customers throughout Europe. Our employees remain in touch, on a daily basis, with colleagues from other units abroad, and with customers all over Europe. Warsaw is also the headquarters of a central team providing second-level support services for approximately 30 regional companies. The major markets we are currently supporting include Scandinavian countries, the Baltic States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and German-speaking countries. Further development of Order Handling Team will be based on delving into processes that are not supported in Poland yet. New countries and new business areas will be involved as well, thus giving more opportunities to master new skills and grow professionally.

How do we work?

We are executing our services in few areas: product business, solution service portfolio, order handling support to other Siemens entities across Europe. Look at how our colleagues describe their contribution to the team.


Product Business – how we deal with it?

Małgorzata Szwec, logistics manager, Poland

"My name is Małgosia and I’m responsible for Order Management Team in two Siemens departments: Digital Factory and Process Industries and Drives. I’ve been working for Siemens for fifteen years. Started as logistic specialist and after few years I’ve got an opportunity to develop myself as a team leader. The main duty of my Team is processing our Polish customers’ orders with deliveries in expected delivery times. We stay in close cooperation with over 1500 active customers on industry market. We work in really international environment using a lot of tools (SAP, Reco-Tool, OMS). Our vendors are from Germany, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and China. Working with people from so many countries is really interesting, especially that each case is little different. For me the most important is to follow customers and team members’ needs to have satisfaction on both sites."


Solution Service Portfolio – experience of logistics specialist

Klaudia Szewczyk, logistics specialist, Poland

"I am Klaudia. I've been working for the Dutch BT (Building Technologies) team for over a year. At the beginning of my adventure at Siemens, I travelled to The Hague for an intensive introductory training. I had the opportunity to meet people with whom I cooperate today. I mainly deal with the processing of projects in the SAP system, order creation, delivery organization and close cooperation with various internal departments, especially with project managers and with business administration in the Netherlands. We serve, among others, by provision of complex solutions to hospitals, airports, universities, banks, hotels, casinos. Our business partners from the Netherlands are very friendly and always willing to help. I appreciate the possibility of working remotely, additional days off from Siemens, no formal dress code and that I work with people from different cultures."


COR – experience of order management specialist

Emilia Kowalczyk, logistics team leader, Poland

"My name is Emilia and I’m working for Deliver and Return COR Team in Siemens. In our daily work we support our Regional Companies in order management process. Each team member is responsible for dedicated country and specific processes. We also monitor whether deliveries to our clients are on time, furthermore we process returns of goods in the system. We do not rely only on SAP but also other tools, for example E-Portal to communicate with our internal customers and partners.

We are cooperating daily with planners, forwarders and warehouses to meet the RCs expectations. Each day we do our very best to support Regional Companies in solving general logistic problems related to Building Technology products."


What distinguishes us?

We like to think that our Business Service Center is one of its kind. We are also proud to share that according to the results of our internal employee survey, 96% of Siemens employees in Poland consider the company as an attractive employer.

Who are we looking for?

As we expand our operations, refine our processes and grow in numbers, we are always on the lookout for talented candidates who want to shape and influence our business.

We have opportunities for students (traineeship), juniors as well as experienced professionals. Depending on the position, the requirements will differ, however some remain key on all positions:

Need to know anything else before applying?

We are happy to answer your questions linked to the recruitment process or the nature of work and responsibilities in Business Service Center. In case you have any, please contact our dedicated Recruiter:

Katarzyna Kuchniak
Phone: +48 532 031 528
E-mail: rekrutacja.pl@siemens.com

Looking for a traineeship?

There are development opportunities in the Business Service Center at different career levels. If you are studying and looking for a part-time traineeship to gain your first professional experience, explore opportunities within the traineeship program. 

Traineeship Program in European Logistics and Customer Service Team
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