Achieving a sustainable energy future together

Enabling reliable power supply for growth in the digital age

The world’s population is growing – the demand for energy is growing faster. This presents four core challenges for a sustainable energy system: security of supply, affordability, climate protection. With the resource efficiency it will take ingenuity to succeed.


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Demanding targets

Mastering the future of energy with digitalization

Working on the improvement of energy efficiency has always been a core driver for the industry. And it has made tremendous progress in providing innovative technologies that contribute to the better utilization of fossil and renewable resources as well as generated power. Still, this is not enough to meet demanding targets.

What does it take to future-proof energy infrastructure? The answers lies in rethinking the way in which it is operated and serviced. A data-driven approach for the entire energy value chain enables utility providers to manage the performance of their energy assets, lower maintenance and operations costs, and achieve the highest return on investment while ensuring a reliable and safe power supply to the society.

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Powering your daily lives reliably and efficiently

Comfortable living no matter the temperature outside

Managing a rising power demand with reliable, innovative and efficient generation and transmission & distribution technology solutions. This is how Dubai, one of the world’s most dynamic cities, gets the power to ensure daily lives and businesses do not slow down even in the height of the desert summer.


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New possibilities by smart digital technologies

More market participants produce much more data than ever. In a large gas turbine alone, for example, hundreds of sensors measure temperature, pressure, flow paths, and gas compositions every second. And all of them – producers, prosumers and consumers – have to be connected in a smart way in order to enable a stable operation of the Future Energy System. Given that there’s no other way than taking the opportunities of digitalization: State-of-the-art analysis methods are required to ensure this data is intelligently evaluated and utilized.


Watch our webinar to find out how digital services can unlock the potential of electrical equipment

Watch our webinar to find out how digital services can unlock the potential of electrical equipment

As 75% of the equipment in the electricity network is 20 years old or more, determining the exact condition of assets is essential and requires strategic decisions. By unlocking the potential of their electrical equipment, you can now predict, prevent, correct and also detect any changes in the condition of your assets, allowing you to improve decision-making and reduce risk, thanks to operational data. We look forward to supporting your business in this digitalization journey.



The essential foundation for the Digital Enterprise is electrical energy. At GMIS you can explore how to enable optimal operation as well as discuss with our experts on how to prepare for mastering future changes with integrated power supply solutions covering electrification, automation enhanced with digitalization. 

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We understand that Cybersecurity is a critical factor for our customers’ business success ensuring availability, integrity, confidentiality and privacy of data, systems and products. It’s an essential part of the Siemens digitalization strategy helping our customers utilize digital transformation in their industries with our portfolio and industry know-how.

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The key to fully exploiting the potential of digitalization lies in the data. By collecting, processing, and utilizing the data of machines and plants in a secure environment it is possible to continuously optimize production processes and assets. The cloud-based, open IoT operating system MindSphere enables companies to turn data into knowledge, and knowledge into measured business success.

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Smart technologies

Leading-edge solutions to shape the future of energy

To ensure an efficient and reliable power supply, both now and in the future, Siemens offers a wide range of physical and digital products, technologies, and solutions – from state-of-the-art compressors, turbines and generators to virtual power plants, intelligent grid management and innovative storage solutions. With its innovative technologies, products, services, and solutions, Siemens is helping to close the gaps in energy supply and make production, transmission, and distribution smarter.

Together with its customers, Siemens analyses their requirements for energy systems and develops tailored solutions that address their challenges along the entire energy conversion chain. Siemens’ portfolio includes technology and expertise for an economically efficient and reliable power supply, which accounts for resource scarcity and helps to protect the climate. Enter the virtual showroom to get an overview.

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Conventional power plants

Fossil Resources

Fossil fuels will continue to account for a large share of the future energy mix

  • Natural gas will remain the main fossil energy source, due to its relatively low CO2 emissions,
  • New reserves and production technologies will make gas available for the long term
  • Oil will be used less in power generation, but is the basis for many other products and processes
  • Oil production becomes more complex: more technology per barrel is needed
  • Coal is the most plentiful and widespread fossil energy source
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Combined Cycle Power Plants

Gas-fired power plants provide reliable, efficient and clean energy

  • Simple cycle power plants (gas turbine and generator) ensure flexibility for various ways of operation
  • In combined cycle power plants, exhaust heat from the gas turbine is used to produce steam for the generation of additional electricity
  • In power plants with Combined Heat and Power the overall efficiency rises to 85%
  • Siemens services increase efficiency, improve flexibility and prolong an assets‘ service life
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Steam Power Plants

State of the art steam power plants will remain the backbone of many energy systems

  • State of the art coal fired power plants for best efficiency at base load operation
  • Innovations improve plant performance, start-up times and efficiency in part load operation
  • Siemens steam turbines (range: 45 kW to 1,900 MW) make best possible use of steam from diverse fuels and heat sources
  • Siemens steam turbines are persistent and low-maintenance
  • Modernizing existing steam turbine generator equipment can be more cost-effective and faster than the installation of new equipment
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Nuclear Power

The importance of nuclear power will remain high on a global scale

  • Despite the expected decrease of nuclear power generation, the absolute generation capacity will still rise
  • Relatively low fuel cost of nuclear-powered steam turbine generators make equipment modernization and life extension programs often more lucrative and faster than the installation of new plants
  • Siemens provides services for the modernizing of the turbine generator and its auxiliaries during scheduled outagese
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Renewable energy

Wind Power

On its way to a profitable future

  • Offshore wind power is the renewable energy source with the greatest energy potential
  • Wind power plants with a capacity in the triple-digit megawatt range are already in operation
  • Wind turbines greatly contribute to meeting power demand and environmental awareness
  • Onshore wind power plants are a leading technology for distributed power generation
  • More and more small-scale wind power plants complement private power generation
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Large hydropower plants are the only renewable power plants that can steadily deliver large quantities of electricity

  • Siemens is a shareholder of VoithHydro, a one-stop supplier of equipment for hydropower plants
  • Small and large hydro power plants work on the same principle
  • The power of the tides is a nearly untapped but very efficient source of clean energy. Ocean power plants’ energy yield is precisely predictable
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Solar Power

Solar power converts the sun’s energy into electricity

  • As a one-stop supplier of key components of concentrated solar power plants, Siemens is able to offer products customized for the needs of each solar field, optimally combined in a so-called power block solution
  • Modern steam turbines for solar power plants have a capacity range from 1.5 MW to more than 250 MW
  • A power block solution from Siemens can be integrated seamlessly into an existing combined cycle or coal fired power plant. Innovative control systems enable the full integration of solar power plants
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The use of biomass as a fuel is CO2-neutral

  • Modern biomass power plants achieve an efficiency of over 80% generating electricity and district heat
  • Siemens turbine generator sets have been deployed in over 100 biomass-fueled plants in the past decade
  • The reliability and availability of steam turbine and generator are especially important
  • Siemens services range from exclusive framework contracts to remote monitoring, helping boost a plant‘s performance
  • Inspections, preventive maintenance, condition-based monitoring, and replacement parts programs can be adapted individually
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Hydrogen Storage

Turning electricity into a synthetical gas

  • Surplus power from renewable sources is fed into an electrolyzer, which uses electricity to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen
  • The hydrogen can be stored and used in industrial processes
  • Siemens has developed an electrolysis system based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology, which allows large volumes of energy to be stored
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Battery Storage

Quick power for peak load periods.

  • Modular storage units using lithium-ion accumulators can quickly provide electricity when needed
  • Ideally suited for load regulation and voltage stabilization
  • Energy storage can be applied in micro grids (e.g. industries) with renewable power generation to ensure a self-sufficient, reliable power supply
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Pumped Storage Power Plants

  • At periods of low power demand, reservoirs, e.g. on hilltops, are filled with water using electric pumps
  • During times of peak power demand the water is released to generate energy via hydro turbines
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Energy management


Strengthening the power highways of the energy system

  • Siemens’ AC and DC power transmission solutions help bridge the longest distances safely and reliably
  • Advantages of Siemens high-voltage products: short commissioning times, a long service life, excellent earthquake safety
  • Siemens provides transformers for every requirement – from compact distribution transformers to large power transformers with ratings over 1,000 MVA
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Delivering energy reliably where it is needed – a consistent portfolio for medium- and low-voltage applications

  • Ensure that electricity reliably reaches the consumers
  • Applicable for city and utility grids, industrial applications and infrastructures
  • Fundamentally important for a reliable, efficient, and stable power supply
  • Siemens has a long-standing experience for planning and design, innovative software and technology solutions and know-how with repairs, maintenance and updates to improve the efficiency and reliability of power supply systems
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Smart Grid

Digitalization drives change in energy systems

  • Smart Grids enable a bidirectional flow of energy and information
  • They are required for the integration of more renewable energy sources in the network
  • Power providers can run their plants more efficiently with data gained from Smart Grids
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Energy Consumption


The mobile aspect of Smart Grids

  • Electric vehicles operate emission-free and can be perfectly integrated into a Smart Grid
  • They can serve as mobile power storage units when renewable power generation exceeds demand
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Commerce and Production

Industrial consumers are becoming prosumers interested in energy efficiency potentials

  • Large productions plants with their own power plant feed power into the public grid and sell it
  • Due to their complexity business facilities that require large amounts of power often have a high energy efficiency potential, which can be leveraged through energy-saving building technologies
  • Siemens helps companies to save energy, preserve resources, and sustainably protect the environment while reducing costs
  • With innovative building technology solutions Siemens enables high energy efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of buildings
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Reliable energy and efficiency know-how for industrial applications

  • Industry accounts for a high share of the total energy consumption (Germany: nearly half the total)
  • Savings potential: more efficient technologies, storage solutions, and Smart Grid structures
  • Energy and resource-efficient production gives industrial companies a competitive edge and benefits the environment
  • Siemens technologies minimize the use of energy and resources in manufacturing and enhance productivity
  • Reliable power distribution is the basis for the stable and efficient operation of all industrial applications
  • Siemens solutions ensure a reliable, efficient, and stable power supply for industrial applications
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Smarter use of electricity

  • Smart meters in private households are a key to Smart Grids
  • They enable flexible electricity tariffs, optimize electricity consumption, and help avoid expensive consumption peaks
  • In the future, smart home appliances could be controlled to achieve optimal cost and energy efficiency
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Product overview

Our offerings for the digital energy infrastructure

Siemens products cover the complete energy conversion chain from the various types of power generation to power transmission and distribution leading to all forms of energy application. Find here an overview of our expertise and services and discover what's possible.

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