Working Capital Finance


Effective cash-flow and debt management are crucial tothe success of any business.

From revolving lines of credit and term loans to trade-finance facilities and invoice financing solutions, working capital finance from Siemens is designed to provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness within a stable, long-term partnership. Whether your aim is to improve liquidity, establish lines of credit, optimize the maturity dates of your debt structure or consolidate and refinance debt when lower market rates beckon, there’s a Siemens working capital finance solution that’s right for you.

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Financial Products

Alternatives to traditional lending

With traditional lending options remaining restricted, more and more businesses are exploring alternative finance solutions. Working capital finance solutions from Siemens can be an important alternative to traditional credit lines, unlocking up to 90 percent of the value held in unpaid invoices or giving businesses more time to pay their suppliers. Our market-leading online solution also keeps administration to a minimum, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Release locked assets and improve cash-flow

Invoice financing solutions from Siemens help our customers manage their liquidity, while allowing businesses to unlock the value of unpaid invoices and realize company growth ambitions. They offer quick, cost-effective assistance for across a full range of industries, from manufacturing, transport and renewables through to service-led operations.


  • Tailor-made financing with the flexibility to grow with your business
  • Immediate access to up to 90 percent of your sales ledger
  • Reduced administration enabled by market leading technology
  • 24/7 online access and availability of management information
  • Highly experienced team that understands the particular needs of businesses seeking invoice finance


With invoice finance, Siemens pays you against your approved unpaid sales ledger invoices. Prepayment advances are made at an agreed percentage of their total value, typically 80 percent to 90 percent. As your customers pay, the non-prepaid element of the invoices is made available to you, less any agreed charges.  As the facility continues to run, additional funding is made available on all approved future sales, allowing you access to the cash flow required to run your business.

Flexible, simple-to-access payment extensions

Manufacturing complex products means purchasing and paying for large quantities of goods and components — long before the final product can be sold and revenue generated. This locks up capital, placing a burden on your liquidity and utlizes bank credit lines that could be put to use for more profitable exercises. Extended payment term products from Siemens, such as Finetrading, provide an intelligent solution to this problem, enabling you to effectively extend payback periods up to 180 days.

Global reach, local focus on finance

Asset based lending solutions from Siemens are designed to help businesses manage their cash flow, providing greater financial flexibility for ongoing operational needs and organizational growth. Structured to provide a flexible source of working capital by “monetizing” assets on the balance sheet, they leverage Siemens’ significant industry expertise and marry this insight with innovative financial products, providing strength and commitment to clients around the world.

Revolving Lines of Credit
Financial services from Siemens provide lines of credit to free up working capital. You benefit from our ability to quickly determine advance rates on accounts receivable and inventory after considering important factors such as collection history, liquidation values of the assets, comfort with management, and general creditworthiness.

Secured Term Loans
Your Siemens financing package can be customized to individual business, market and industry needs. Term loans are especially effective for refinancing long-term assets, financing capital expenditures, acquiring equipment or real estate and provide long-term amortization of assets.


Financial services worldwide

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Financing solutions in practice

Financial Services from Siemens combine the industry experience needed to understand your individual vision with the financial know-how required to bring it to life, anywhere in the world. Learn more about how Financial Services from Siemens can help your business today. 



Working capital finance solutions

Siemens Financial Services works both on a direct basis and through a strong and diverse network of financial intermediaries. Whether for your own business or a client’s business, you can gain quick, cost-effective access to the funding solution that best suits your needs.

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