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Tech Talks with Siemens CTO: Roland Busch and the creator of the SpiderBot

Colonize the moon? No problem with SpiderBots from Siemens. CTO Roland Busch has also taken an interest in this and decided to investigate for himself.

In the future, mobile robots will be able to build huge objects such as the outer shell of a ship or an aircraft fuselage. This should be quite simple: these futuristic machines will simply print the parts. They really catch the eye as they look like spiders. Prototypes are already crawling around Siemens laboratories in the American municipality of Princeton.

Forget arachnophobia! Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser explains the technology behind a SpiderBot to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (center) and Poland’s Prime Minister Beate Szydlo during the Hannover Messe trade fair 2017.

Mobile 3D Printers

The similarity to their natural counterparts is not just on the outside. Just like spiders, these mobile 3D printers can move in all directions, jump, and communicate with each other. A nozzle at the end of its printing arm secretes liquid plastic and applies it to surfaces layer by layer.  As networked groups, these small machines can create large structures.

The idea came to spiderbot creator and Siemens researcher Sinan Bank when he was listening to a lecture on the colonization of the moon. An exciting idea that also fascinates Siemens CTO Roland Busch. He paid Sinan Bank a visit in the lab – and SiemensWorld was on hand with a camera.

Kerstin Schreiner and Andreas Binner