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A Robust Connection to the Internet of Things

MindSphere is the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens that lets connect machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world.

Siemens makes MindSphere, its cloud-based, open operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT), suitable for the harshest conditions. For example, power grid operators can use it to profitably process their system data. And for the first time, RFID transponders can be connected directly to MindSphere.

Data from machines and industrial plants is collected and processed in MindSphere. This IoT operating system offers users a simple way to take advantage of the possibilities of digitalization for their own operations. Now Siemens has connected its Ruggedcom communication technology for rugged conditions – extreme temperatures, humidity, etc. In addition, RFID transponders and thus the products themselves are also provided with direct access to MindSphere.

Take advantage of all the possibilities of digitalization with MindSphere

Modern machines and equipment generate huge amounts of data. For individual plant operators, using this storehouse profitably – collecting and appropriately analyzing it – is costly and complex. Siemens provides assistance with MindSphere. MindSphere links plants, machines, and control systems – both from Siemens and from other manufacturers – via suitable MindConnect software or hardware. Authorized persons can access the data from any location.

MindSphere is now available to industries that work under rugged conditions and at the same time have extreme requirements for reliable communication. This also includes oil and gas extraction facilities.

Above all, however, MindSphere is an open environment for data processing apps. Siemens offers various proprietary apps that enable users to optimize their energy consumption or production or to perform predictive maintenance. But users can also operate their own apps on MindSphere or access offerings from other IT service providers. Mechanical engineers can provide their customers with maintenance or analysis apps on MindSphere while they themselves benefit from the knowledge they gain through the collected data.

MindSphere for the harshest ambient conditions

With the connection of Ruggedcom, MindSphere is now available to industries that work under rugged conditions and at the same time have extreme requirements for reliable communication. This includes, for example, power grids, traffic monitoring systems, and oil and gas extraction facilities. Although such users can connect via the MindConnect elements that are currently available, these elements are not usually designed for such harsh conditions. That’s why Siemens has installed MindConnect software directly on its robust Ruggedcom RX1400 router. The software runs on the virtual VPE 1400 environment that was launched last year and enables the operation of additional programs independently of the actual router function.

First RFID for MindSphere

Another innovation is the direct connection of RFID transponders to MindSphere. The connection is via the OPC UA open interface, which is available in Simatic RF600 readers as of firmware release V3. The data is transferred to MindSphere via a gateway, such as MindConnect Nano or Ruggedcom RX1400. This makes Simatic RF600 the first RFID system to supply data to MindSphere, allowing users, for example, to register containers, pallets, and products in MindSphere via their RFID transponders and to optimize their processes and determine important key performance indicators based on this data.

Christine Rüth