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How we Boost our Customers’ Competitiveness

To compete in an increasingly challenging environment, customers need to find new ways to optimize asset value and performance. Using data analytics and the digital technologies provided by the Sinalytics platform, Siemens Digital Services can leverage data to increase availability of assets, optimize maintenance intervals and improve performance.

In Depth

Data Makes Performance Better

A deep understanding of customer needs and processes is essential to create value. By focusing on smart data, instead of just big data, Siemens engineers can “smartly” combine product know-how and process expertise with data analytics to help customers reduce unplanned downtimes and improve operational efficiency.


Data creates transparency and enables better decisions to be taken. Sinalytics, the technology platform that powers Siemens Digital Services, provides connectivity, data integration and analytics, as well as cyber security.  It can securely connect our devices and equipment anywhere in the world, thereby enabling remote monitoring and remote maintenance. By integrating the masses of data they produce with data from other sources, such as weather forecasts or field service data, and by performing advanced analytics, Sinalytics can create new insights. These insights enable our experts to predict and prevent failures, and uncover opportunities for performance improvements, as well as energy and cost savings.


Here are just a couple of examples:


6            The Siemens traffic management system in Potsdam, Germany, processes six terabytes of traffic, weather, and environmental data to devise environmentally friendly traffic control strategies.


30          A gas turbine generates on average 30 gigabytes of operating data daily. Smart evaluation of this data can determine when turbines need to be serviced, so customers benefit from less downtime.


Siemens Digital Services are further enhanced by innovative technologies like augmented reality, social collaboration platforms, and additive manufacturing, with which we manufacture customized spare parts quickly and wherever needed.


Predicting Failures Before they Occur

Thanks to the power of the Sinalytics platform, Siemens Digital Services can create new insights from the masses of complex data produced by hundreds of thousands of systems and devices around the world. Failures can be detected before they happen, and new ways to optimize performance can be identified.

Customers benefit from higher availability, increased output and significant energy savings.

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