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Sitraffic Motion MX

The intelligent answer to congestion and pollution

Sitraffic Motion MX is a software system for installation on modern traffic computers such as Sitraffic Scala. By dynamically coordinating green phases in a street network, Sitraffic Motion MX achieves substantially smoother traffic flows. Compared to stop-and-go traffic, a smooth flow of traffic reduces emission levels by two-digit percentages. And the residents are exposed to much lower noise levels. 


Sitraffic Motion MX – proven performance enhancement

Basis: Empirical study carried out by Ruhr University Bochum

Subject of study: Coordinated green phases across 24 intersections on a 6-km arterial road  

System used: Sitraffic Motion MX


  • Performance index improved by 29% 
  • Frequency and length of stops reduced by 35% to 45% 
  • Time lost by cars and buses cut by one third
  • Corresponding reduction in fuel consumption
  • Substantially lower nitrogen oxide emissions 

Sitraffic Motion MX is the first adaptive network control that is designed for data exchange based on the OCIT® standard. Hence the system is compatible with controllers and traffic lights from virtually all European manufacturers. 

Sitraffic Motion MX combines the advantages of an adaptive network control system with the operative flexibility of a quick-response local intersection controller. However, the controller retains all the operational functions required for the control of private travel and public transport.

New features can be integrated into Sitraffic Motion MX 4.2, with no changes to the control units or the existing traffic signal switching plans. This makes integration into Sitraffic Motion MX significantly more cost-effective as the system can be expanded step by step.

Sitraffic Motion MX. Feature highlights

  • Optimum interaction of local and central control systems
  • The only adaptive network control system that is truly able to optimally coordinate the green phases for both travel directions across several intersections
  • Optimized handling of constantly growing traffic volumes 
  • Substantially less congestion and pollution 
  • Compliance with emission limits
  • More efficient use of existing infrastructure
  • Can be expanded step by step
Sitraffic Motion MX adaptive network control
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Sitraffic Motion MX

Sitraffic Motion MX is already doing an outstanding job in many countries. Smoother traffic flow, less congestion, reduced emissions and pleased road users are just some of the reasons speaking for its implementation.


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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

The adaptive network control system for your traffic management tasks!

Using the model-based adaptive network control software Sitraffic Motion MX in combination with a modern traffic computer, you can substantially improve the flow of traffic across the entire road network – for considerably less congestion and pollution.  

Learn more about how Motion MX can be adapted to your requirements.
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