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Sitraffic SST5 and InterUrbanService App (IUS)

Increased road safety and improved traffic flow

Sign gantries with a whole array of intelligent traffic information and guidance systems have become a common sight on motorways. They have helped cut accident numbers and minimize congestion and emissions. The high-performance Sitraffic SST5 outstation is the ideal solution for local incident detection and warning – especially when combined with the InterUrbanService service application. Seamless connection to the Sitraffic Conduct+ freeway management center guaranteed!

Sitraffic SST5

Outstation for local incident detection and warning

With a Sitraffic SST5 unit installed at critical road sections, targeted hazard warnings can be generated right on site to prevent accidents and increase road safety. Sitraffic SST5 is a cost-effective and future-proof solution for a range of specific purposes such as weather detection, permanent traffic counters and congestion warning.


Local fog warning system – for motorways and urban areas

  • Integrated fog warning system for critical sections such as road dips, wooded areas or other danger spots
  • Enhanced road safety in case of fog and low visibility
  • Variable message signs for situation-specific warnings and messages



Local permanent traffic counter – for precise recording of moving traffic

  • Cost-efficient local counting station provides accurate traffic data
  • High-precision detectors
  • Supports all standard detector types (e.g. induction loops, triple technology and infrared detectors)
  • Can be expanded to take over area-wide traffic data recording

Local speed monitoring system – for detecting and displaying speed limit violations

  • Speed warning system at accident hot spots 
  • Alerts drivers to excessive speeds
  • Processes the values from local detectors and directly displays any speed limit violations on the connected variable message signs 

Designed for autonomous operation, Sitraffic SST5 processes the available data and initiates the corresponding display commands. It can either be powered by a fuel cell or a solar panel or connected to the supply of a street light – for reduced installation time and infrastructure costs.

Everything included in a single cabinet: The compact dimensions of Sitraffic SST5 Stella and the use of a battery as a combined power and UPS unit allow the accommodation of the controller and its power and communication equipment in a single cabinet – for easy installation that saves time and money. 

The autonomous Sitraffic SST5 controller can be extended with an option for central data archiving, based on the ComBox Server software. 

Sitraffic SST5 uses an energy-saving processor that is powerful enough for all intended tasks while consuming little electric power – for extra cost savings. 

Besides the V24 transmission protocol (via FME modem from Siemens), Sitraffic SST5 can also be equipped with communication interfaces based on RF, GPRS/UMTS or Ethernet technology. Distant detectors can communicate with Sitraffic SST5 via wireless link.

Sitraffic SST5. Benefits and highlights:

  • Versatile use as fog warning system, permanent traffic counter or general warning system
  • For ambient temperatures between –40°C and +80°C
  • High level of scalability: from plug-in kit for hat-rail mounting right up to full-featured outstation in its own cabinet
  • Wide selection of interfaces, high level of flexibility in connecting external sensors and actuators
  • True hot stand-by, for uninterrupted operation
  • 3-phase monitoring and automated switch-over in case one phase fails
  • Seamless connection to the Sitraffic Conduct+ freeway management center
  • Field-proven technology, e.g. SST5 Stella installations on German A93 motorway  


Sitraffic SST5
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InterUrbanService App (IUS)

Let your smartphone do the walking!

Wide range of functions available via mobile devices: The InterUrbanService App (IUS) is the new service tool for use on smartphones, handhelds or tablets –a real time-saver when it comes to commissioning or servicing sign gantries.

With the IUS app, the smartphone takes over the role of the traffic center. Via Bluetooth, the smartphone connects the technician to the outstation for convenient access to all system parameters and diagnosis tools.

Remote support – directly per smartphone

  • The technician can request remote support from the service center – directly per smartphone
  • The service center workstation displays the exact same user interface as the technician’s smartphone
  • Then the service center can carry out remote diagnostics … 
  • … and feed any parameter changes directly to the field device 
  • After re-initialization, the system restarts and its status is displayed on both screens – in real time 

InterUrbanService App (IUS). Benefits and highlights:

  • All-purpose tool for commissioning, maintenance, data supply changes, fault diagnosis, remote applications
  • Compatible with all standard smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • Supports new and legacy systems (SST4 or SST5, ComBox4 or ComBox5)
The service application for outstations
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Sitraffic Conduct+ highway management system
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Outstation and service application

Increased road safety, autonomous data collection, easy installation and gapless integration: Our high-performance Sitraffic SST5 outstation is the ideal solution for local incident detection and warning – especially when combined with the InterUrbanService (IUS) service application.

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