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SGen-3000W generator series

High-power generator with proven water/ hydrogen cooling technology


    Fleet-proven design of water-cooled stator bars with hollow stainless steel conductors

    Proven Siemens MICALASTIC® insulation system with GVPI technology

    Low-maintenance, robust and reliable shaft sealing to prevent H2 leaks

    Easily accessible axial coolers for maintenance

    10,000 start/stop cycles without rotor removal for service flexibility

    Simplified ventilation circuit with single-stage axial blower

    Lower foundation loads with smaller footprint

    Performance range 540‐1,300 MVA

    Efficiency up to 99%

    Reliable generator for high-power applications

    Outstanding performance for large gas and steam power plant applications

    Our latest water-/hydrogen-cooled generators benefit from proven design and technologies as well as the application of our building-block approach. They share many features with other products across our portfolio. This  allows us to optimize material selection and performance to provide you with a low-cost, highly efficient, and easily maintained generator for high-power applications.


    Highlights of the SGen-3000W generator series

    Modern grids require high operational flexibility because of the increased integration of renewable energy sources. Our design supports high ramp-up/down rates, frequent start/stops while maintaining low thermal mechanical stress in the stator windings.

    Our proven MICALASTIC® insulation system and Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (GVPI) technology ensure maximum electrical endurance and outstanding availability.


    Your benefits:

    - Insensitive to thermal cycling
    - No maintenance required
    - Very low mechanical stress during operation
    - Non-flammable and self-extinguishing; no fire-extinguishing system needed

    Combining GVPI stators with water cooling enables uniform temperatures and low stress levels to enhance operational flexibility. The proven reliability is greater than 99.9% for more than 1,700 stator windings between 10 and 22 kV with an output of up to 1,300 MVA. Our fleet leader has over 150,000 operating hours and 3,320 start/stop cycles.

    Our generators display a high level of common parts across the portfolio (e.g. stator core assembly and rotor). The reusing of parts and components improves the availability of spare parts and increases the quality in manufacturing and assembly at our factory as well as on site.




    Generator technology

    The SGen-3000W implements technology featuring the latest verified design with more than 1,700 GVPI stators in operation across all operating ranges and a fleet-leading water-cooled GVPI stator with over 150,000 hours of operation and more than 3,320 start/stop cycles with no indication of thermal-mechanical stress-related  issues. Hydrogen cooling with water-cooled stator bars makes this generator series ideal for any operating regime.