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SGen-2000P generator series

Innovative mix of proven design concepts with air-pressurized cooling technology for flexible operation


    Fleet-proven design of water-cooled stator bars with hollow stainless steel conductors

    Static excitation integrated into rotor shaft, no added bearing or coupling interface

    Stator frame based on verified robust design with simplified plant interfaces

    Multiple manhole locations for easy and accessible maintenance

    Integrated coolers can be configured for right- or left-side operation

    10,000 start/stop cycles without rotor removal for your service flexibility

    Frame can be pressurized up to 1 bar (gauge) for extended rotor capability

    Performance range 370‐560 MVA

    Efficiency up to 99%

    Powerful generator for gas and steam applications

    Innovative technology mix makes this generator stand out from the crowd

    Our latest product innovation, the SGen-2000P series, combines air cooling with water cooling technology. Pressurized air-cooled generators are replacing indirectly hydrogen-cooled machines to significantly reduce plant complexity. They achieve efficiency and power levels comparable to indirectly hydrogen-cooled generators with ratings of up to 560 MVA. Pressurized air-cooled generators are used in simple cycle, combined cycle, and steam power plants, as well as in synchronous condensing applications.


    Highlights of the SGen-2000P generator series

    Combining GVPI stators with water cooling technology enables uniform temperatures and low stress levels to enhance operational flexibility. The proven reliability is greater than 99.9% for more than 1,700 stator windings between 10 and 22 kV with an output of up to 650 MVA. Our fleet leader has over 150,000 operating hours and 3,320 start/stop cycles.

    Modern grids require high operational flexibility because of the increased integration of renewable energy sources. Our design supports high ramp-up/down rates and frequent start/stop cycles while keeping thermal mechanical stress in the stator windings low.

    Our proven MICALASTIC® insulation system and Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (GVPI) technology ensure maximum electrical endurance and outstanding availability.  


    Your benefits:

    - Insensitive to thermal cycling
    - No maintenance required
    - Very low mechanical stress during operation
    - Non-flammable and self-extinguishing; no fire-extinguishing system needed

    The absence of hydrogen gas reduces the complexity of auxiliaries as well as the cost of service and operation. There is no need for hazardous operational areas around the generator. Arriving almost fully assembled, the generator is designed for easy on-site installation and includes many provisions for accessible maintenance.

    Our generators maintain a high level of common parts across the portfolio (e.g. stator core assembly and rotor). The part and component re-use improves the availability of spare parts and increases the quality in manufacturing and assembling components from our suppliers, at our factory, as well as on site.




    High operational flexibility

    The SGen-2000P generator offers an innovative mix of verified design features in operating ranges typically reserved for hydrogen-cooled generators. The water-cooled stator and air pressurization system allow this series of generators to operate within an extended performance range and with maximum load-shift flexibility.