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SGT6-5000F heavy-duty gas turbine (60 Hz)

Trusted F-class technology for reliable performance

    Rotate product

    High fuel flexibility: natural gas with varying Wobbe index, distillate oils and syngas

    Rapid start-up and shutdown for quick grid stabilization

    Variable guide vanes for increased part-load efficiency

    Blades and vanes replaceable without rotor de-stack or lift

    Clean combustion with single-digit NOx and CO emission values

    Low firing temperature allows long service intervals

    Short inspection times due to maintenance-friendly design

    Simple cycle power generation (ISO) 0 MW(e)

    Combined cycle efficiency: 58.7%

    Robust gas turbine with extensive fleet experience

    Outstanding fuel flexibility and lowest emissions

    The proven SGT6-5000F gas turbine offers economical power generation with fast start-up and quick load changes for peak, intermediate, or base load. The fleet of SGT6-5000F gas turbines operating worldwide demonstrates an excellent reliability of 99.2%.
    Its outstanding fuel flexibility makes it a great choice for many applications in the oil and gas industry.  With only single-digit NOₓ emissions (< 9 ppmvd), the SGT6-5000F provides world-class emission performance. 


    SGT6-5000F gas turbine highlights

    The SGT6-5000F gas turbine is a proven engine for the 60 Hz market, with a power output of up to 250 MW and 39.3% simple cycle efficiency. Due to its robust turbine design, it provides rapid start-up and shutdown capabilities,  with only 5 min from turning gear to full speed and a load gradient of up to 40 MW/min.

    Due to its advanced combustion technology, single-digit emissions in base and part load can be achieved: NOₓ emissions of < 9 ppmvd and CO emissions of < 4 ppmvd. You can operate the SGT6-5000F at 30% part load in low load turndown over a wide range of ambient conditions within the emission limit values.

    By using proven technology, low firing temperatures and conventionally cast alloys, this gas turbine achieves outstanding availability. Its robust turbine design is continuously enhanced by high-performance upgrades.

    The SGT6-5000F is able to burn a wide range of fuels including natural gas, LNG, syngas, ethane, propane, Arabian Super Light crude oil, distillate oil, condensate, Arabian Extra Light crude oil, biodiesel, alcohols, Jet-A oil, and kerosene.

    The engine offers dual fuel capability and tolerates fuels within a wide Wobbe range.  

    The combustion system is able to handle different fuel compositions, e.g., contents of hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) of up to 4,000 ppm. Its system can switch over quickly between fuel gas and fuel oil and vice versa.

    Our proven, low-risk design translates into longer service intervals and service life for your gas turbine. All rotating blades are replaceable without de-stacking or lifting the rotor.

    Extensive experience in commercial operation means that you can rely on proven and validated package and plant concepts that enable early power generation in simple cycle. Projects are implemented quickly. Since no external rotor air cooler is required, this simplifies the plant integration even further.