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SGT-A35 (Industrial RB211) aeroderivative gas turbine

A trusted choice, proven in critical operations

    Rotate product

    Trusted and continuously improved by 40 years of technological advances

    Class-leading reliability proven by over 37 million fleet hours

    No “hot lockout” by inherent design, without auxiliary equipment

    High efficiency, even at part load

    Excellent operational agility and fuel flexibility

    New SGT-A35 (GT30) variant optimized for offshore power density

    Several variants to serve different application needs

    Simple cycle power generation (ISO) up to 0 MW(e)

    Mechanical drive: 38.1 MW

    Qualified and proven in oil and gas applications, onshore and offshore


    Trusted power, everywhere

    With class-leading reliability and availability, the SGT-A35 (Industrial RB211) is your proven, dependable choice in power generation and mechanical drive applications.

    It is qualified to meet the stringent standards of the oil and gas industry and has earned a solid reputation in both onshore and offshore service. The SGT-A35 fleet has matured over 37 million hours in service.

    The GT30 variant is the latest evolution in a portfolio continuously improved over 40 years of technology development. Utilizing components already proven in industrial, marine and aerospace service, the SGT-A35 (GT30) offers class-leading power density for power generation and mechanical drive applications. The efficient SGT-A35 gas turbine, with Rolls-Royce aero engine technology, is integrated in a compact, lightweight and highly maintainable package designed for oil and gas applications by Dresser-Rand, now a Siemens business.

    Everything at a glance
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    Highlights of the SGT-A35 (Industrial RB211) gas turbine

    The SGT-A35 portfolio includes 2 variants of gas generators and 3 variants of free power turbines, allowing multiple combinations with power output ranging between 28 and 38 MW in mechanical drive, and different drive-shaft speed. Each variant is available with or without Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion and can be configured for electrical generation or mechanical drive, onshore or offshore. Such a diverse portfolio ensures that the gas turbine can be ideally matched to your requirements of each application.  

    The SGT-A35 has earned the trust of operators in a large spectrum of applications, in the power industry as well as in oil and gas. The SGT-A35 legacy spans over 40 years of continuous improvement through the incremental injection of aero engine technology. Over 790 SGT-A35 units have been sold to date, accumulating a service experience of over 37 million operating hours. The SGT-A35 is regarded as class leaders for their reliability.

    All variants of the SGT-A35 can be restarted at any time following a shutdown from any condition, without any delay due to "hot lockout" conditions. Unlike some of its competitors, the SGT-A35 can achieve this reliably by inherent design. Thanks to its agile twin-spool architecture, the SGT-A35 provides the most robust solution to restoring power quickly when its availability is most critical.

    The SGT-A35 (GT30 34MW and GT30 38MW) is the latest evolution in the portfolio, introducing a lightweight free power turbine coupled to the proven gas generator. It utilizes proven components with millions of service hours in the Siemens Industrial Trent as well as the Rolls-Royce Aerospace and Marine Trent products. The output speed is optimized for direct drive of an electrical generator at either 60 Hz or 50 Hz with no need for a gearbox.
    The SGT-A35 (GT30) can also be utilized in mechanical drive applications, making it one of the most flexible gas turbines in its range. Its performance is optimized for hot climates, delivering  significantly more power at 30 °C than its predecessors.

    The SGT-A35 brings to oil and gas operators the trusted technologies acquired by Siemens through the recent additions of Dresser-Rand and the Rolls-Royce Energy aeroderivative gas turbine portfolio. The reliable SGT-A35 gas turbines, with over 790 units supporting oil and gas operations worldwide, are now packaged with the oil and gas expertise of Dresser-Rand, which has supplied over 1,000 units to the oil and gas industry over the years.
    The SGT-A35 package leverages the best designs and know-how of two trusted names in the oil and gas industry to produce superior customer value.

    Ingenious design to the core

    The SGT-A35 uses an aeroderivative, 2-spool gas generator aerodynamically coupled to a free power turbine. Two variants of gas generators and three variants of power turbines are available to perfectly match your requirements in each application.
    The 2-spool architecture allows maximum operational flexibility, resulting in a gas turbine with high tolerance to transient excursions and challenging mission cycles, fast starting and with no "hot lockouts". All variants can operate on gaseous and liquid fuel, and can be configured with an optional Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustor.



    SGT-A35 (Industrial RB211) package

    Fit-for-purpose packaging features, and configurable options have been demonstrated across various oil and gas applications. Choices in mechanical systems, instrumentation, electrical devices, and materials cater to a range of international and API standards, environmental conditions, facility cooling schemes, and availability requirements.



    3x SGT-A35 (GT30) compact offshore packages

    SGT-A35 (GT30) package: optimized for offshore

    The lightweight SGT-A35 (GT30) gas turbine is integrated into the compact Dresser-Rand package, proven in offshore oil and gas applications.
    The result is a product that offers you a minimal footprint and the highest power density in its class to maximize production while reducing topside weight; therefore lowering upfront capital investment and increasing long-term value creation.
    All this while preserving the reliability of designs proven in service and compliant to the requirements of offshore oil and gas applications, including floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels.




    "Combining the best of our technologies for excellent customer value"

    Matthew Rickert (Director Business Development Americas – Gas Turbines & LNG, Dresser-Rand, a Siemens Business) introduces the SGT-A35 gas turbine package at the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.


    The unit addresses the need for more cost-effective solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry by increasing the power density of the topside power generating equipment, thus reducing the required space claim. The lightweight, aeroderivative gas turbine can generate up to 38 MW and is integrated into a compact, lightweight Dresser-Rand package, which is up to 30 percent smaller and lighter than its predecessors.

    Comprehensive services to support you

    Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides low life cycle cost and optimum performance throughout the turbine’s life cycle: Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul service, field service, spare parts, service exchange, remote diagnostic service, and modernization and upgrades.


    Whether for scheduled service or short-term support, our specialists are there for you, on-site all over the world.


    Maintenance of the SGT-A35 engine can be accomplished quickly and easily due to the aero engine design.



    High fuel flexibility for a broad application range




    The SGT-A35 is a dual-fuel gas turbine, capable of operating on gaseous and liquid fuels and enabling an automatic changeover between these two fuels while running as required.
    A broad variety of gaseous and liquid fuels can be utilized. In particular, the SGT-A35 has been tested with an extended range of gaseous fuel compositions with high proportions of inert gases, as found in several applications such as deep sea offshore. Through a dedicated engine test program, the SGT-A35 has demonstrated operation with gaseous fuels containing as much as 50% inert gas by volume.
    A Dry Low Emission (DLE) option is available for all variants of the SGT-A35.

    DLE option available

    All variants of the SGT-A35 are available with a Dry Low Emission (DLE) option, to achieve emission levels of 25 vppm (dry at 15% O₂) for NOₓ and CO.