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SGT-300 industrial gas turbine

Reliable engine for power generation and mechanical drive applications

    Rotate product

    Single-shaft version for power generation

    Twin-shaft version for mechanical drive applications

    Quick installation

    Multiple borescope ports for visual inspection without disassembly

    Dual-fuel capability; automatic fuel changeover at any load

    Compact footprint and package size, high power-to-weight ratio

    Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system for low NOx emissions

    On-site maintenance or optional rapid core exchange available

    Mechanical drive: 0 MW

    Simple cycle power generation (ISO) 7.9 MW(e)

    Quick installation, compact arrangement, and inherent reliability


    Compact arrangement, inherent reliability

    The SGT-300 is a proven, robust gas turbine performing successfully since many years in power generation and combined heat and power applications.

    The single-shaft turbine has an electrical power output of 7.9 MW, the twin-shaft version delivers a shaft output of 8.4 MW or 9.2 MW.
    The SGT-300 has a compact arrangement, on-site maintainability and inherent reliability. It is designed to operate with a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels.

    All facts at a glance
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    Highlights of the SGT-300 gas turbine

    In cogeneration configuration, with its excellent efficiency and high steam-raising capability, the SGT-300 forms the core of reliable, efficient and powerful combined heat and power plants. For industrial cogeneration, the high steam-raising capability of more than 18 tonnes per hour contributes towards achieving overall plant efficiencies of 80% or higher.

    For compliance with stringent environmental legislation, the SGT-300 gas turbine is equipped with a Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system, providing low NOₓ emission levels with liquid and gaseous fuels.
    Emissions on gas fuel, corrected to 15% O₂ dry:
    NOₓ: < 15 ppmvd
    CO: < 10 ppmvd

    The SGT-300 operates on a wide range of gases, covering an extensive Wobbe fuel range. It is also able to burn a large number of liquid fuels and offers dual-fuel capability. You will benefit from automatic changeover from primary to secondary fuel at any load.