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SIESTORAGE – the innovative, modular storage system for electrical energy


Wind and solar power have become important power sources in today’s energy mix. At the same time, our power grid is undergoing a transformation, and volatile power generation from renewable energy sources is leading to fluctuations and imbalances between generation and load. This, in turn, is having a huge impact on grid stability and supply quality.


SIESTORAGE, the electrical energy storage system, has a key role to play when it comes to meeting the greatest challenges of the future. These challenges include optimization of grid fee costs, guarantee of grid services, provision of flexible energy, and ensuring a reliable power supply. 

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A step toward the future

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SIESTORAGE – an intelligent combination

Meets all requirements

SIESTORAGE is a modular energy storage system. By combining cutting-edge power electronics, automation, and state-of-the-art Li-ion battery technology, it offers numerous possibilities. SIESTORAGE makes it possible for active power to be exchanged between the batteries and the power grid. It can also be used to supply reactive power to stabilize the grid voltage.


An intelligent combination – for many applications, such as the integration of renewable energy sources or optimized power generation in combination with conventional energy sources.


In addition, SIESTORAGE is a reliable alternative for the power supply while also improving cost-effectiveness and conserving resources. The system stabilizes the energy supply of microgrids or off-grid operations and improves the efficiency and the quality of service in the industry or, more specifically, among major energy consumers or prosumers.


From generation to consumption, SIESTORAGE helps to optimize performance by stabilizing frequency and voltage and balancing supply and demand.

Typical applications

Where SIESTORAGE is crucial


Ramping control

  • Control the rate of charge over time
  • Compliance with grid codes

Time shifting

  • Extend generation profile
  • Avoid curtailment

Capacity firming

  • Store variable generation and control power flow into the grid
  • Improve accuracy of forecasting, scheduling and dispatch

Black-start capability 

  • As an auxiliary power supply to start a gas fired power plant
  • Grid restoration in the event of a grid collapse

Flexibility / Speed of response

  • As an auxiliary power supply to start a gas fired power plant
  • Grid restoration in the event of a grid collapse

Efficiency improvement

  • Reduce cycling and maintenance
  • Improve efficiency / heat rate


Discover how to enhance the operational flexibility of combined cycle industrial gas turbines with a Battery Energy Storage System. Our solution: SIESTART

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Managing T&D congestion

  • Avoid congestion resulting from limited infrastructure capacity between generation sources and load centers
  • Defer or avoid the costly and time-consuming upgrade of the relevant infrastructure

Integration of renewables

  • Compensating for fluctuations and variations by allowing the system to reliably store and release energy
  • Forecasting and planning can be used to efficiently shift or lower peak loads
  • Optimal operation of conventional energy producers reduces costs and extends the service life and maintenance intervals of the generators

Diesel Offset

  • Co-located with diesel gensets for optimum efficiency
  • Reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

Enabling grid independence

  • Maximize the sharing of renewable energy sources
  • Minimize the amount of required fossil fuel energy sources
  • Lower transport costs for fuel
  • Greater independence through the use of renewable energy sources
  • Even with complete independence from the higher-level grid, automatic and/or manually controlled synchronization is possible

Load management

  • Reduce grid fees
  • Increase use of own-produced power


  • As an auxiliary power supply to start a gas turbine
  • Either as a replacement to diesel generation to support load during grid outages or co-located with a diesel generator

Critical Power

  • Reduce or eliminate losses from grid faults

Components and modules

SIESTORAGE: modular – flexible – scalable


All SIESTORAGE components are mounted in standardized cabinets for easy setup. This enables quick and efficient configuration of scalable systems by simply combining the required number of module types. All modules and combinations have been fully tested to guarantee operational performance. All cabinets are then installed in containers and delivered to reduce integration time on site.

Discovering your benefits

What SIESTORAGE offers you at a glance



Flexible design for a wide variety of power and capacity needs.


Complies with standards

Certified system that complies with all international standards.



The technical benefits:

  • Fast and accurate response time to consume and discharge energy
  • High voltage quality
  • Flexible and scalable design (up to 25 MW) for many applications
  • Increased reliability thanks to system architecture redundancy



One-stop solution

Benefit from our comprehensive end-to-end expertise:

  • Analysis of grid and user requirements 
  • Development of business cases
  • Planning of the complete project 
  • Construction and integration of components and system
  • Commissioning and installation in e-houses, existing buildings, or standard containers
  • Improved asset performance and availability 
  • Service over the entire asset life cycle

News and events


Here you will find the latest news and information about SIESTORAGE from around the world. This platform is updated as required.

More information

SIESTORAGE opens up myriad possibilities for you

How can SIESTORAGE, the modular electrical storage system for a reliable energy supply, make your application more reliable and stable? Find out now – simply download our brochure here. 

SIESTORAGE opens up myriad possibilities
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