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SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard


Safe power distribution, intelligent data and process management

SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboards are ready for the future and ready for digitalization. SIMARIS control can be used to control, monitor and parameterize communication-capable switching devices and electric motor loads on-site in the SIVACON S8. SIVACON S8 data is made available to higher-level automation and energy management systems or cloud-based analysis systems. The special features and modular design of these switchboards offer high reliability, safety and flexibility.

Discover the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard in Section 3.3.3.
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Leipzig, Germany, September 20, 2017

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Distribute power safely and intelligently

SIVACON S8 is setting new standards as a power distribution board or motor control center (MCC) for industrial applications or in infrastructure. And thanks to its modular design, SIVACON S8 can be optimally adapted to meet every requirement. A high level of safety, a state-of-the-art design and SIMARIS control functions are combined in this highly efficient switchboard. 

Distribute power safely and manage data and processes in a smart way

Profit from benefits of the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard – and the SIVACON S8plus feature package. Prepare your power distribution system for the digitalized future, and benefit from the numerous advantages:


  • Extended protection against internal arcing
  • New small withdrawable units
  • Energy-efficient cooling
  • High-performance motor management system
  • Communication-capable systems and sensors
  • SIMARIS control – Interface and monitoring system
  • Comprehensive end-to-end support

The intelligent switchboard

Economical operation, minimal downtimes and optimized capacity utilization: You can count on standard-compliant power management. Compliance with the energy efficiency requirements defined in standard IEC 60364-8-1 ensures cost-effectiveness, while fulfillment of ISO 50001 requirements expands this scope to encompass compliance during operation, providing support with a specific process description when an operational energy management system is introduced.


The connection to energy management and automation systems as well as cloud-based analysis systems such as MindSphere supports reliable and future-oriented operation. With SIVACON S8, you are optimally equipped to accommodate the growing level of digitalization and increasing demands that future advances will hold.


Objective: Integration in existing IT structures


Benefits: Future-oriented switchboard diagnostics station = Uniform interface to higher-level automation and energy management systems and to cloud-based analysis systems


Actuators: SIMARIS control


Reduce energy costs effectively and increase operational reliability– thanks to a good overview and transparency

Save costs and reliably safeguard ongoing operations: A first important step is to maintain a good overview of the status of the installed equipment and the transparency of power flows and electrical variables. Communication-capable protection, switching, measuring and control devices measure and record the energy values for feeders and individual consumer loads precisely and reliably. They also deliver important data via standardized bus systems, enabling assessment of the switchboard condition and network quality.


You can rely on the further advantages offered by SIVACON S8: molded case circuit breakers in withdrawable design, fully redundant communication system solutions, and data concentrators that convert all data into a single intelligent electronic device (IED) node. Sensors enable consistent, end-to-end temperature monitoring around the clock.




Important information optimally structured, locally displayed and centrally recorded

SIMARIS control is the optimum solution for comprehensive yet neatly arranged and clear representation of data and information. You benefit from convenient local visualization and control of the installed communication-capable switching devices – always up to date and centrally recorded for the entire switchboard. Various bus systems can be integrated in SIMARIS control, while a standardized data model enables uniform visualization of data. SIMARIS control thus clearly displays all the information delivered by the communication-capable switching, protection, and measuring devices used in SIVACON S8 in a structured, needs-oriented format.





Simple local control and digital twin – commissioning and flexible operation

From commissioning to regular ongoing operation: The practical local controls and the digital twin ensure maximum flexibility:

  • Modify and simplify individual operating parameters with no need for parameterization software
  • Possible for the end-user to introduce changes to the digital twin during runtime
  • Feeder designations and comments can be freely modified
  • Users can adjust the switchboard structure (e.g. by moving or removing feeders).

Keeping a constant eye on your systems – with simple and fast diagnostics

Quick and simple operational diagnostics: SIMARIS control ensures early provision of all necessary information, making it possible to reduce downtimes while supporting analysis and optimization of power demand.

  • Comprehensive display of all measured values, status signals and statistical data provide a high level of transparency right down to the individual feeders.
  • Statistical data such as switching frequencies and runtimes, etc., support optimization and planning of maintenance measures.
  • Sensor data (e.g. for temperatures) can also be displayed for monitoring relevant status information. Linking this data to higher-level automation and energy management systems, as well as to cloud-based analysis systems such as MindSphere, the open cloud platform from Siemens, ensures high switchboard availability and enhances the transparency of power flows.

Tested safety

SIVACON S8 stands for high level of safety. This low-voltage switchboard is a low-voltage power switchgear assembly design verified to IEC 61439-2 requirements. Its physical properties have been proven in test-bed runs under normal operational conditions as well as fault scenarios. 


Optimum personnel safety is furthermore ensured by verification testing under arcing conditions to IEC/TR 61641 requirements. SIVACON S8 even exceeds the standards' requirements, offering for instance an even higher level of safety for operating personnel and operations with its active protection system against internal arcing. The efficient and redundantly-configured ventilation system also contributes to ensuring safe and reliable operation.



Extended protection against internal arcing – enhanced safety of personnel and switchboard

The new active protection system against internal arcing of the SIVACON S8 switchboard extinguishes arcs quickly and reliably. The system limits arcing time while significantly reducing the pressure wave and temperature. This added protection significantly reduces the danger of injury during operation and maintenance while preventing damage to the switchboard itself.



Higher ratings through energy-efficient cooling – consistently safe operation

SIVACON S8 offers patented forced cooling technology for cubicles in circuit-breaker design and in universal mounting design, such as motor control centers (MCC). The system was designed and optimized by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation, and was confirmed by numerous design verifications to IEC 61439 requirements.


The system reduces derating and provides a low temperature profile inside MCCs aimed at ensuring that the sensitive electronic equipment operates safely over a long service life. The control system monitors the temperature at critical spots and ensures energy-efficient cooling at all times. All fans are speed-monitored to enhance service life. The system has been redundantly designed for this purpose. 


Connection to the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system – always an optimum connection

The circuit-breaker design offers optimal connection conditions in the cable or busbar connection compartment for every size of unit. There, cables or SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems can be connected via design verified connections.


Tested earthquake upgrade – solutions for meeting seismic design requirements

The SIVACON S8 switchboard is available in a seismically tested version for meeting seismic design requirements. Testing includes functionality and stability tests both during and after an earthquake.

Applications aboard ships and on offshore platforms – where harsh environmental conditions prevail

SIVACON S8 switchboards are well equipped for any use – even for applications onboard ships and offshore platforms. Conditions on the high seas pose particularly demanding challenges for switchboards, due not only to the salty and highly humid atmosphere, but also and in particular to the high mechanical stresses they are subjected to in these environments. SIVACON S8 switchboards have been certified to the standards required for such applications by a number of renowned international classification societies.


Flexible solutions

SIVACON S8 offers intelligent solutions that adapt to your specific needs and requirements. Different mounting designs can be easily combined within a single cubicle, and flexible modules make it easy to exchange or add functional units.


The SIVACON S8 are subject to a continuous innovation, ensuring the overall system will continue to technically advance. Compact, small withdrawable units enable space-optimized use, while powerful motor management systems offer the optimum solutions for your applications. 



Space-optimized use – high packing density, compact withdrawable design

Whether small withdrawable units or normal withdrawable units: Optimally fitted withdrawable unit sizes allow the switchboard size to be minimized. With small withdrawable units of size 1/4 (up to four withdrawable units per compartment) and 1/2 (up to two withdrawable units per compartment) as well as with normal withdrawable units with heights starting from 100 mm, very high packing densities can be achieved with up to 48 withdrawable units per cubicle for space-optimized installation. 


The space-saving design of the 300-mm-high small withdrawable units contribute substantially to this packing density, thereby reducing investment costs as well. The 300-mm-high small withdrawable units are especially suitable for the new Siemens SIRIUS and SENTRON device ranges, offering an optimized air-flow design to lower the temperature rise caused by the devices power loss. What's more, better access to the devices on the mounting plate ensures easy maintenance.

Combination of different mounting designs – fixed-mounted feeders, plug-in design, withdrawable design

If there is little space available, the universal mounting design offers a safe, flexible, and cost-efficient solution. It allows various mounting designs – withdrawable, fixed-mounted with compartment doors, and plug-in design – to be combined within a single cubicle. A version in withdrawable design is the ideal solution for motor control centers in industrial plant applications requiring high availability of feeders and quick adjustment of the power supply system.


Motor management and motor control devices SIMOCODE pro – for enhanced switchboard availability

SIMOCODE pro – the flexible, modular motor management system for motors in the low-voltage range. It optimizes the link between the instrumentation and control system and the motor feeder and increases switchboard availability while also ensuring considerable savings during construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a switchboard. SIMOCODE pro offers:

  • Extensive protection, monitoring, safety and control functions between the motor feeder and the automation system, all within a single compact system 
  • Independence from the controller
  • Scaleable, flexible solutions for all system configurations
  • Detailed operational, service and diagnostics data for greater system transparency
  • Connection to process control systems using the major communication protocols: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus RTU and OPC UA
  • Simple parameterization and fast commissioning

Solutions for particularly demanding oil and gas market applications – with high-performance motor control unit (MCU)

The motor control unit (MCU), specially designed for SIVACON S8 switchboards, is one of the most compact, robust and powerful intelligent protection and control devices available for three-phase low-voltage motors. It offers fault-tolerant, dual-redundant Modbus communication for up to 25 devices per loop. Initialization modules are also available to simplify reconfiguration.


High-performance support

Our high-performance support services serve you worldwide, implemented by our local Siemens experts. They provide ideas and solutions for your power supply system and specialized expertise on project management and financial services. Important aspects of safety, logistics and environmental protection are also considered. The data and software we make available support you from efficient planning to reliable maintenance.


Efficiently plan, operate and maintain electric power distribution

Utilize the benefits of intelligent power distribution: Profit from the efficient planning support with the SIMARIS software tools and BIM data or from a reliable operation with SIMARIS control diagnostics station:


SIMARIS design: for reliable network calculation and dimensioning

SIMARIS project: for reliable dimensioning

SIMARIS sketch: for simple 3-D line routing plans

SIMARIS control, the switchboard's digital twin: Interface and monitoring system for uniform operation, monitoring and parameterization of intelligent switchboards as well as connection to higher-level control systems and to cloud-based systems 


Efficient from the very start

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used for efficient planning from operations to maintenance. BIM data offers major benefits already in the planning process, particularly within the scope of digitalization. It significantly simplifies the sharing of all relevant building data from planning to facility management – thereby ensuring quality while saving both time and money. This is why BIM is also playing an increasingly important role in electrical planning.


The fitting tender specifications text is just a few clicks away

Having the fitting tender specifications text conveniently available and easy to find any time you need them – that saves both time and money. This is why we support you with a comprehensive range of tender specifications texts. It couldn't be more convenient – just a few mouse clicks away.

SIMARIS software tools for precision planning

Planning electric power distribution systems for industrial plants, infrastructure and buildings is becoming more and more complex. The innovative SIMARIS software tools support electrical design engineers throughout the entire planning process:

  • SIMARIS design

In network calculation and dimensioning tasks considering the broad and diverse product range for power distribution, SIMARIS design determines safe and reliable standard-compliant solutions (to VDE and IEC) based on the generally accepts rules of sound engineering practice and the project-specific requirements. The components needed in each case are selected automatically on the basis of the project structure and the collected basic data.

  • SIMARIS project

This software tool enables you to generate clear, neatly arranged configuration documents quickly and simply that consider your space and budgetary demands for the overall power distribution system. Base on the configured systems and devices, with a click you can also generate a bill of quantities in GAEB D81 or RTF format in German, English or Italian. Corresponding tender specifications texts are available for every component that are automatically configured and compiled on a project-specific basis. 

Reliable low-voltage switchboard in practical applications

SIVACON S8 supports a reliable operation for applications in industry and infrastructure. It offers a high level of safety for both personnel and switchboard. Thanks to its modular design, you retain maximum flexibility in the design of your overall system: all you need to do is adjust SIVACON S8 to meet your specific needs.

Your path to your SIVACON S8

Highly flexible and optimally customized to your specific needs and requirements: The SIVACON S8 switchboard meets the demands of our customers. Our expert service also is customized to your specific needs – and you benefit from the experience of our expert staff at numerous manufacturing locations near you. Our certified SIVACON Technology Partners are also available to answer any questions about the high quality of our low-voltage switchboards and components.



SIVACON S8 and the SIVACON S8plus feature package – directly from our manufacturing plants

Global expertise and regional service: Siemens experts worldwide collaborate closely in research and development, manufacturing and quality assurance, engineering and sales. To ensure tailored customer-specific solutions at all times. To enable special, customized service offerings. And to ensure high and uniformly consistent quality from a single source.


Be sure to discover the added innovations of our SIVACON S8plus feature package. From a broad range of functions, you select the ones that fit your particular needs and requirements:


  • SIMARIS control – The interface and monitoring system for uniform operation and monitoring of intelligent switchboards as well as connection to higher-level control systems and cloud-based systems
  • Integration of communication-capable switching and measuring devices as well as sensors in SIMARIS control for recording data
  • Extended protection against internal arcing
  • Efficient and redundantly designed ventilation system 
  • Compact withdrawable design 
  • High-performance motor management system for the oil and gas market

Simply get in touch with your Siemens contact person and benefit from the intelligent SIVACON S8 switchboard and the innovations from the SIVACON S8plus feature package.

SIVACON Technology Partners in your region

SIVACON Technology Partners are switchboard partners based near you. More than 320,000 switchgear cubicles have already been fabricated and installed by certified SIVACON Technology Partners. Benefit now from the proven quality of our low-voltage switchboards and components, broad range of services and expert advisory services. Reliably, regional and practical. You'll find the right SIVACON Technology Partner in your vicinity as well:

Opportunities for you: Become a SIVACON Technology Partner now

Irrespective of whether you as a switchboard manufacturer are interested in the SIVACON S8 or are already a SIVACON Technology Partner: Find out now about our partner program. As a Siemens Technology Partner: 

  • You bank on design verified power switchgear assemblies built to IEC 62271-200 and IEC 61439-1/2 standards 
  • You benefit from a large number of different product and software training courses
  • You receive comprehensive services and support for successfully marketing your switchboards.

Find out about your opportunities:

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Technical documentation

You will find an up-to-date overview of the technical documentation for the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems at: 

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Tender specifications

To support you, we offer a comprehensive range of tender specification texts at:

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Totally Integrated Power (TIP) Consultant Support

Expert staff from our TIP Consultant Support unit will provide you with targeted support for the planning and...

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Meet complex requirements whenever they arise – with the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems.

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The Power Engineering Guide is a manual for people involved in generating, transmitting and distributing electric power – from planning to implementation and controlling.

Discover the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboards in Section 3.3.3.
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